The Art of Running a Coffee Shop

Millions of coffee cups are poured every day all over the world, from tropical destinations to frozen tundras. To supply all of these coffee drinkers with their daily dose of java, coffee shops are working full steam ahead every day. While the pandemic slowed down the industry a little bit, once things go back to normal, people will rush in to enjoy their favourite cup of joe from their favourite café. If you’re preparing for the pandemic to die down and start your own coffee shop, here are a few tips that will make it easier:


Get your money ready

Running a coffee shop can be very lucrative, but you also need a lot of money to start your business from scratch. Depending on whether you’re planning to have a café with seating and a drive-through, just a drive-through or a small coffee stand, you will need between $50,000 and $300,000. Your startup costs include rent and utilities, equipment, furniture, operating systems, marketing and inventory, mainly good coffee.


Hire good staff

Your staff will be your biggest asset during your business hours. You’re probably holding top-notch coffee, but if you don’t have knowledgeable bartenders to prepare and serve it, the quality will always be lacking. And you have to spend time with your workers, training them, explaining what you want from them and making them feel appreciated.


Invest in equipment and furniture

It’s crucial to spend some money on key equipment like coffee machines, grinders and other essential things. If you invest in quality equipment, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run. And if you’re not sure about buying right away, you can always consider leasing. When it comes to furniture, you also need to consider quality and comfort and aesthetic appeal. If your café doesn’t have a theme, you can always find Bentwood chairs for sale that fit into every café shop aesthetic. These chairs are one of the most recognizable pieces in hospitality, so if you invest in these, you won’t make a mistake, especially if you’re aiming for a classic look.

From the best Breville espresso machine to an amazing cappuccino maker, having the right equipment is a must!


Consider ergonomics


Not chairs and table ergonomics, but a different kind. Coffee shops need to see a lot of customers every day and sell a lot of products to cover costs. To achieve this productivity, you need to be efficient while running the business. As a manager or owner, it’s crucial to provide baristas and servers with a layout that allows maximum efficiency to serve people quickly and get them in and out the door fast. Easy access to the fridge, cups, grinder, accessories, storage and sink is the key to increasing your revenue.


Keep track of numbers

Knowing the takings from your last week or month is very important for business. How else can you know whether your business is improving? It’s also crucial to keep track of products to identify the most sought-after products. With a good monitoring system, you can also identify quiet times and how to make them busier. Knowing all of these numbers means you will be able to understand your business better and have more control over your establishment.


Keep it fresh

So, you’ve set up shop, hired staff and organized your menu. You most likely have a beautiful product range your customers adore, but how long will they be thrilled to buy one and the same product? People always crave things that are fresh and exciting. To give customers what they want, it’s a great idea to introduce guest coffee blends or hold seminars on the benefits of caffeine. Having a sandwich special of the day might also attract curious buyers, but so can a drink of the week developed by your in-house baristas. And, of course, make sure that your core range of products is consistent—people don’t like surprises when it comes to the basics.


Being a successful café owner truly is an art form. There are so many aspects to blend and mix if you want to run a lucrative business. However, it’s also a fun and dynamic job filled with joy and people, so it’s worth every drop of sweat and tears.



Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff