The Art of Mixology

What is mixology anyway? I am sure you have heard the word before, but do you really know what it refers to? Is it just a fancy name for bartending, something we all know and respect, or is it really different? Yes! Mixology is the new fresh and creative bartending, and it needed a new name. Changes have been taking place at your local bars and wider and the bar vocabulary is reflecting them.


So, what is mixology anyway?

Way back in 1948, the term mixology was defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “the art or skill of preparing mixed drinks“. Mixology has been around for a while. It goes in and out of style, reflecting social and economic changes. It’s been neglected for some time but, finally, in the past decade, it had a come-back. Today people pursue the career and devote themselves to this profession. You can easily spot a mixologist in a sea of bartenders. Unlike regular bartenders, who will smirk at you when you order a funny sounding drink and will have to reach for the cocktail chart to make it, mixologists will know what you what and how to prepare it. Often, they will even make a show of preparing it. They have dedicated time and effort to the study of cocktails and other beverage flavor pairings.


Why is it an art?


The field of mixology is a field of infinite possibility and creativity. Becoming a mixologist is not simply about learning some cocktail recipes and how to garnish a drink, it is much more. Mixologists learn about classic cocktail recipes, yes, but they also learn about ingredients they use. They learn about different spirits and beverages, how they are made, what they bring to the cocktail, and how to best pair them. A learned mixologist will know how to prepare an original cocktail in no time. They all have a signature cocktail and often when they cater to a party they will come up with something special for the occasion.

Mixologists have a passion for creating cocktails, they use the best high-quality ingredients, fresh juices, and have a knack for experimenting and creating new and exciting recipes. Their profession is an art and they treat it as such. And I will also add, that all of us bar-goers are thankful to them.


The movement

Mixology started gaining popularity during the past decade in New York City. The big apple is known for its sophisticated taste and trendsetting abilities. It’s the place where it all started. People got bored of regular drinks, they needed something more exciting during a night out and they got what they wanted in a form of art.

Mixologist started learning and perfecting their craft and spreading the scene all over the world. They offered old cocktails, new cocktails, prepared them with flare, and got a following. Today they are the main attraction at many bars, and people go to places they know they will see a handy mixologist at work.


The impact

Changing times have certainly made an impact on the bar scene. Thanks to those changes today we have a variety of new cocktails and artists preparing them in a fashion that can be considered an art form in its self. In turn, the changing bar scene has had an impact on the manufacture of beverages.

Mixologist care about their profession and they use only the best of the best and that influenced customers and their taste, who now also demand the highest quality from their drinks. A reflection of this can be seen in the rise of the quality of spirits on the markets everywhere.

Australia is one of those places that embraced the trend and is reaching a new high in the quality of its mixology scene. For example, you can find great alcohol delivery service in Sydney that will provide all those spirits that have been made with care; and trust us, you can definitely taste the difference.


In conclusion

Although, mixology is not an entirely a new phenomenon it has changed every time it resurfaced. Today it takes a form of true art. Mixologists are crafting and caring about their recipes. They offer a display of skill when they prepare cocktails. They use the best ingredients and refining the taste of the wider public. Customers have more sophisticated needs and they themselves are learning more about the art of mixing drinks. Manufacturers are also under the influence and are refining their offer both in the quality and diversity. The scene has definitely changed and mixology has had a positive impact on all aspects of drinking.


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