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Take it from me, no one wants to be the uncle that shows up empty handed during Christmas.  Especially when your seven nieces and nephews, all aged 3-9,  are readied with an Arsenal of crack-whip humour.  So after last years fiasco (online purchasing nightmare gone wrong), I decided to move forward.


(written by Lazarus Kalimeris)


When you know better, you do better, so this year I decided on a no holds bar Christmas extravaganza.  And there’s only one place that will help you rise above the haters of Christmas past: The Addicted Toy Gift Guide.  Filled with fantastic kid approved choices, you will reign supreme.

For the train lover you’ll want to get Thomas & Friends Super Station….
Mattel has done it again with Enchantimals Doll Panda House Set….
Got a kid in mind with the need for speed?  Hot Wheels…
Turning Mecard Mega Dragon has arrived, so with that, let’s begin!


For the train lover among them, Thomas and Friends is at it again with the Thomas and Friends Super Station.  Sure to be a mega-hit, this mega-station set has three different height levels of play, with included train besties Thomas, Percy, James and Harold all in on the fun.  No space? No problem!  Removable legs allow for multiple layouts that can fit any room, and extra storage gets you parking of over 100 trains in the Super Station.  With over 35 feet of track, endless fun is bound to ensue when bundled with other fun add-ons.  Have a cranky ol’ time with Cranky the Crane, a crane that can be raised, lowered and attached to a cargo lift.  Need more?  A turntable outfitted with a stop-track lever will stop and change the direction of engines rolling through the track.  For avid Thomas fans, adapter pieces included link other sets together and will keep any train lover going and going for hours. 


Available at, Toys”R“Us, and Walmart.


Next up is the Enchantimals Playhouse Panda Set.  Few gifts have the power to enchant and please like this great imagination-tickling toy.  I personally want to be there when my niece opens this just to savour her reaction.  A panda-enchanted theme play, this fully loaded Playhouse serves as the ‘it’ home for the included Prue Panda doll and her bestie for life Nari.  Use the elevator to ride to the top of the treehouse and sit atop of the lookout of an imaginary enchanted forest.  Or let your Panda pals swing side by side on the twin swing set downstairs.  Whichever way you decide to enjoy it, this sure-hit-gift includes lots more to keep you preoccupied for hours. Doll-sized furniture and themed accessories in vibrant colours offer a much-needed escape from the winter reality.
Available at, Real Canadian Superstore, and Toys”R“Us


Beware trans-formative fans…  Turning Mecard Mega Dragon has arrived, and it is sure to impress.  This mega-fun Mega Dragon morphs from tractor trailer to dragon instantly.  Impress everyone with the way Dragon bursts to life in an impressive flip after turning the vehicle through a slope.  Equal parts artistic, durable and trans-formative, kids will be preoccupied endlessly with this Mecanimal.  Keep your eye out for other Mecanimals in the series that are sold separately.  Beware, collecting them will become addictive at any age.


Available at, Real Canadian Superstore, and Toys”R“Us


Finally, The Hot wheels Roto Revolution Track Set is the ultimate Crash’em smash ’em set for those kids that like to live a little more on the edge. This strategically based toy will not only probably help to develop hand-eye coordination, it will also get your kids away from a screen and interactively playing, which we are huge fans of.


Not to mention, Hot Wheels is awesome no matter the age!



Available at, Real Canadian Superstore, Toys”R“Us, and Walmart.


Whatever your choice will be of these four, each one is sure to give the child your gifting lots of joy during this Christmas season.


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