Addicted to Love? The 5 Do’s of the Date

Here’s the deal. I’m 35 years old, I’ve been dating for about 15 years, minus a few for relationships. Add more dates than I wish to count and what do you have? A man who apparently still knows nothing about dating, so don’t go confusing me for an expert, as I am not.

I do ask a heck of a lot of questions to learn as much as I can, in hopes that someday I’ll get better. So I asked you, my wonderful parents, asked on social media, really I’ve been asking every single person I’ve come across this year, sorry for all the questions everyone.

Here’s the thing about asking a lot of questions, after a while you start to find that there are only so many answers, and as I asked what the “do’s” of dating were, there were 5 things that came up over and over again, so, to help all of us truly hopeless romantics, I’ve made the ultimate list of the 5 Do’s of Dating.


DO, Turn up on time

I am guilty as charged, so, don’t be like me, be on time. Here is what I have learned now: it seems that almost everyone, except the rude people like my former self, wanted their date to be punctual.

Why: By being on time it sets the tone and shows that you are not only serious, but you are also considerate of the other person’s time, and that shows respect, a key cornerstone in any relationship.

The Fix: If you’ve been having issues being on time, do what I’ve started doing, schedule everything 30 minutes before it’s actually happening. Typically I used to be about 20 minutes late, and now I usually end up rolling in right on time, if not a few minutes early.


DO be interested

Part of the whole point of why you are on the date is to learn about the other person, so do i. That not only involves the next part about asking questions (see below) it also means that you have to listen and take the other person in.

Why: When you are genuinely interested most people can tell, and thus they feel more comfortable. That is, of course, necessary for a great date.

The Fix: Listen like you would your best friend when they are telling you something very important. That way you retain the most you can from your date.


DO ask more questions

Asking the right questions is a must on a date, the key word being “right”. I have been guilty many times of asking questions that were probably too forward, were simply none of my business, or deserved an answer that maybe the person didn’t want to give. When in the early stages of dating, really, it’s better not to pry, even if that’s not your intention.

Why: When in the early stages of dating, really, it better not to get too heavy, so there are so many questions you can ask.

The Fix: Keep questions in line with how long you’ve been dating. Example: on a first date don’t ask about ex’s, on a third date don’t ask what their salary is. Know when it’s the right time for the right questions. Tip: Stay away from Ex’s, Religion and Politics.


DO Make eye contact

Making eye contact when building trust and a connection is so key. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and that may be complete crap or very true.

Why: I, like a lot of people believe that people make a real connection through sight, thus eye contact is key.

The Fix: This one is easy, take a deep breath and make eye contact.


Do throw in a compliment or two

Guy, girl, gay, straight, most of us enjoy a good compliment. From your hair looks great, too I love that outfit, the little things add up, plus it just feels nice.

Why: Let’s be real, we all feel a little better when we hear something nice about us, well at least most of the time if coming from the right person. (you know what I’m talking about)

The Fix: Remind yourself to find what you really like, make a mental note, and then pay the compliment when the time is right.


So there you have it, the top 5 Do’s of dating that will hopefully help you from here on in to traverse the world of dating a little more easily in your path to finding love.



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