The 5 Best Hotdogs Ever

When it comes to hot dogs, you could call me a fan. That would, of course, be an understatement, as I totally love a good hot dog from the plain and simple, all the way to the gourmet. So when I came across Fancy Franks a few years back, with their amazing gourmet hotdogs, I was, of course, a huge fan and supporter pretty much instantly.

The quality, innovation, service, decor, everything about the way they do business, and amazing food they make; Fancy Frank’s is all just top notch all the way. It’s not just the dogs, they have a slew of great sides, and not only that, but they also have dessert! Fancy Frank’s have some of the best mini donuts I have ever had, including a Nutella and biscotti flavors.

Honestly, I could go on all day about how much I love Fancy Franks, but really you came to read about what our top dogs are. I must saw it was a hard choice and the guys from Addicted and I really had a tough time with 2-5 out of the menu but number 1 for us what a clear winner.

Let’s start with number five.

5. Fancy 90210



What’s in it: Avacado, Bacon, Tomatoes, Extra virgin Olive oil.

This much more than typical dog has all the fixin’s one could need while watching the game or at Fancy Franks, we are sure that this one would be an overall crowd pleaser  as it has all the good staples to make a classic hot dog.

4. Frankie Goes to Buffalo




What’s in it: Chicken Bacon, Carrots, Celery, Blue Cheese Dressing, Buffalo Wing Sauce, with a hot dog friend in panko.

The mix of the blue cheese dressing with the fried hot dog is nothing short of amazing, it’s pretty much like combining all the best parties of a bbq, the breaded chicken, veggies and dip, and a hint of wings, and really what could be better than that? Oh ya, putting it all together on a hot dog! Trust us, it’s even better than it looks,


3. Frank Coney Island



What’s in it: Chilli, chopped onions, mustard

What can we say about this one, it kinda reminds me of when I was a kid and my dad used to make chilli and then put hotdogs in. I remember thinking it was the greatest meal of life. Well, this hot dog is the “grown up” or more much more gourmet version of that, and it’s a goodie.




What’s in it: Cajun Spiced Grilled Onions, BBQ Sauce, Cheddar Cheese, Chipotle Mayo

This is pretty much as close as you get to a burger meeting a hot dog and giving birth to one of the greatest dogs I’ve ever had. The mix of the onions, cheddar and chipotle mayo with the hot dog is really just awesome. The guys and I really enjoyed this one so much, we probably could have eaten more had we not been tasting the menu.

1. Fanshi Hotto-Doggu


What’s in it: Kani Crab Meat, Tobiko, Avocado, Cucumber, Roasted Seaweed, Wasabi Mayo, Unagi Sauce, Sesame Seed

When we were brought what would turn out to be our favourite hot dog we didn’t really know what to expect, but after we had all tried it, we were literally amazed. This dog is the perfect mix between hot dog and a California roll, that’s really the only way that I can explain it.

The whole dog was fresh, delicious and not only that, it was like having two of my fav things all at once, hot dogs and sushi, and may I add for the guys and myself, damn you have to try this one for yourself.


So if you are a hot dog fan or not, we are pretty sure that Fancy Franks will have something that you will love… like the crazy amazing mini donuts (shown below).



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