The 2014 Vocab Lounge

Another Vocab lounge has come and gone, and what a day it was. This year it held centre stage as one of the must attend events for the Much Music Video Awards (MMVA) weekend, taking place at the Umbra flagship store perfectly situated just north of the Much Music building.

This time around I had the pleasure of not only covering the event but also live tweeting and posting on various social media platforms, so that the public could get a one of a kind view into this amazing day.

When I arrived in the morning the set up had just been completed and the doors where about to open, so I bid everyone a good morning and got on my way to checking out what some amazing brands I knew had to offer, and learn about some brands that I wasn’t yet familiar with.

The staple and main sponsor this year was Mary Kay.  While the cosmetics brand may have held a reputation of catering to the older set, it’s definitely changed its image and style to suit and attract the young, vibrant young woman of today.  The new Mary Kay line is fresh and fun, with bright colours, bold looks, and an all round youthful collection.  What really brought a smile to my face, of course was their MK Men line, a whole line for Men that I knew I had to try out.

From Mary Kay I moved onto Raw Juice Guru and tried some of their delicious and healthy juice choices, which I learned are made fresh daily and can even be be tailor made for you depending on your cleanse or overall health wants and needs.  Next was Kings of Past, a fantastic sunglasses retailer that find some of the more interesting and old world style glasses from all over.  It’s vintage shopping at its finest!

Sweet Sushi was next, with Jessica’s amazing take on delicious rice krispie treats shaped to look like beautiful sushi pieces.  To wash down these delectable desserts I then tired BrickWorks Cider.  In the past I have not been a fan of cider but loved the taste!  Brickworks isn’t too sweet or to bitter, and was tastey enough to keep me coming back for more(seriously, I must of really enjoyed it cause I went back to them several times).

Other great brands included were Perfect Fit (which we have written about before), Luxe Box, Just Sultan, Banoo, and Meet me in Africa, the brain child charity of Vocab creator Chrissy Newton.

The day was not only filled with great brands, it was filled with many musicians, media personalities, and so much more, from Fefe Dobson, to Karl Wolf, Kardinall, to Jeff Timmons just to name a few.

It was truly one of the most fun and informative events I have gone to in a long time and I go to hundreds of events each year. I have to give it up to Chrissy as she once again showed us all why she is one of the best as what she does, while also being one of the sweetest people you could be lucky enough to spend a day with.  A big thanks to her for including myself and Addicted Magazine in her fab lounge.

Check out all the photos below and watch for more coverage on some of the brands we loved.

Photo Credit: Photo Riot



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