That’s my DJ: An interview with hey! dw

*photo by John Paille

Instead of a #womancrushwednesday, I wanted to feature a woman that is not only crushworthy, but worthy of admiration, and mad, mad props. That woman is D.W. Waterson aka hey! dw, Director and DJ extraordinaire, and one of the baddest ass ladies of my acquaintance.

Though we traveled in the same circles for a while, I didn’t meet D.W.until last December. The awesome group of music industry ladies known as Toronto Women in Music held their annual holiday event at Dundas Video, with a killer lineup of female performers entertaining the crowd. I was sipping a bourbon on the rocks when all of a sudden I heard something unusual for a DJ’ed event; the beat of a drum. I pushed my way to the front of the crowd, and there she was, decked out in a cheerleading uniform, wailing on the drumkit before jumping right back to her turntables. I was blown away and hooked at the same time. One introduction, and a few Home Brew’s (D.W.’s monthly dance party at Supermarket in Toronto) later, I was a full on hey! dw fangirl.

Known as one of Toronto’s best DJs, D.W. dazzles with her signature of bouncy British sound, ubiquitous cheerleader uniform and, of course, those incredible high-energy live drum solos. What truly makes D.W. a great DJ is her ability to not only read a crowd, but please a crowd. She takes her audience through a wide spectrum of the latest dance music, a blend of top 40s pop remixes,to deep house, fidget, synth-pop, bangers and the latest in bass and trap. No matter what someone’s taste in music may be, you can bet they leave a hey!dw set sweaty and spent, happy from being danced right out.

DJing isn’t D.W.’s only talent; she’s also an acclaimed producer and indie director. Her webseries, That’s my DJ  was just screened at the 11th Annual Independent Television and Film Festival (iTVFest), and won the award for “Best Editing”.  Sponsored by HBO and The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, ITVFest brings together over 1,000 filmmakers, actors, writers, directors, producers, financiers, Hollywood executives and fans to celebrate indie filmmaking. In 2016 the festival received the most submissions in its history, with 467 programs competing for 80 new official selection slots, and  That’s my DJ made the cut. Check out the trailer for the series’ second season below, and watch the whole series for yourself here.

Multi-talented and multi-faceted, D.W. Waterson is a force to be reckoned with. I got a chance to chat with her while record shopping at my favorite shop Kops Records. Watch, learn, and laugh at our antics below:

If D.W. Waterson isn’t your hero yet, you’re crazy. But if you DO need more convincing, you can catch her at the next Home Brew event and let the music sway your mind. See you there!

*video filmed and edited by Matthew Haskill (check out his awesome vlogs on instagram! @m_hask)



Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly