TESTED: Soda without the guilt? We test out Crazy D’s prebiotic soda

Soda that’s good for you? Could it be true?

Recently we tested out a new “Soda” that hit the market here, that we wanted to share with you. Now if you’re looking for Coke or Pepsi this isn’t it, but if you’re looking for a light refreshing fizzy drink that’s good for you, then keep reading, if not, enjoy your day!

Crazy D’s Soda Labs, a Toronto-based company, offers the first soda sweetened with yacón root which is a prebiotic and has anti-inflammatory properties that help improve digestion. The drink is organic, vegan, keto diet friendly and has no added sugar, caffeine, preservatives, colours or flavours.

Crazy D’s prebiotic craft sodas come in three flavours including Rockin’ Rolla Cherry Cola (lemon, lime, tart and dark sweet cherries), Ginga’ Kick (ginger, lemon, lime, vanilla, cinnamon, and turmeric) and Twisted Citrus (lemon, lime).



Each 341-millilitre bottle is only 70 calories and contains five grams of soluble prebiotic fibre (FOS) from the key ingredient, organic yacón root syrup. The soda is sold individually ($4.99) or in a case of 24 ($96), and the 24 case allows a mixture of all three flavours.

The same sweet taste can also be enjoyed in all-natural prebiotic soda syrups. The syrups are compatible with SodaStream machines to make sodas at home. Each 355-millilitre bottle of syrup has a retail value of $20 with enough syrup for approximately twelve drinks (six-ounce portions).

Crazy D’s prebiotic craft soda is available across Canada online and at over 100 Ontario retail locations including Whole Foods Market, Farm Boy, Nature’s Emporium, Goodness Me!, The Big Carrot, Natural Food Market, Pusateri’s Fine Foods and McEwan.


So if you’re looking for something healthy to drink with a little fizz and kick, then you might want to try some Crazy D’s Soda for yourself.



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