TESTED: Jack Black products for Men

Guys ask me all the time, “What products should I be using?” and really there is only one answer to that question, you have to find what works best for you.

That being said, I’m more than happy to do the research for you, and let you know what I liked, so we can weed out all the bad stuff. So, this week I tested out an array of products from Jack Black.

Family owned and operated out of Carrollton, Texas, since day one and still run by the original founders, Jack Black has grown to become one of the best-selling men’s skincare brands in North America.

There mission: Nothing complicated. Nothing cosmetic. Just superior skin care.

So with that all in mind, I started my testing of an array of products included the Jack Black All-Over Wipes, The Dry Down “Frictions-Free Powder”, the Supreme Cream (shave lather), and the Post Shave Cooling Gel.

Over the next 15 days I would use the products as needed, and here is what I found:

The All-Over Wipes for Face & Body


Here’s the deal, if you are at home, you should really be using the skink and washing up there to reduce waste, that being said, when you are on the run, finishing up at the gym, or happen to be a messy eater, then these “guy wipes” are actually great to throw in your gym or work bag to use on the go.

They are fresh, have a great smell, contain vitamin E, Aloe & chamomile and leave you feeling fresh and clean, so I approve.

Sidenote: These are not flushable.


Dry Down Friction-Free Powder


I’ve never been a big fan of the powders, I’ve tried some and they were kinda just pointless to me, but the Dry Down actually works really well. Sorry to go back to working out again, but it was the best for activity, plus it just helps to keep you fresh.

Sidenote: Be careful, it’s easy to shoot the powered everywhere, it’s powder, and also, use it sparingly, a little goes a long way.


Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather


If there is one product of the bunch that I would tell you to stop what you’re doing, run out and buy, it would be this one.

The Supreme Cream is so creamy and luxurious, it sounds kind of odd to describe it that way but it really is. The razor glides that little bit easier and while shaving my neck with a new razor and the supreme cream, it was kind of like a shaving dream.

So before I go completely Dr Seuss, I’ll leave you with this, the better the cream, the better the shave.


Post Shave Cooling Gel


Ah, post-shave products, so many are just not really that good, and just burn for effect. The Jack Black post shave stood up pretty well, it’s not my favourite post-shave product ever, but it’s way better than most.

With its mix of aloe, sage, and lavender it leaves you feeling and smelling fresh, without a burn feeling or drying out your skin. So thumbs up!


So there you have it, my round-up of just a few of the products from the good people at Jack Black.

Have you tried there products, feel free to share with us here or @WeRAddicted.



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