Tested: HelloFresh meal delivery subscription service

Back when HelloFresh came onto the market, we were asked to test out a box and offer up an honest review. At the time we found the service was good, but, it lacked in both variance of ingredients in meals and was limited to just a few choices for a weeks selection.

Skip ahead a few years, and we figure it was time to try out HelloFresh, again.

We download the app, signed up, and started looking through the various selections and were related to see that there were more than 20 meals to chose from, that were included in the box price, along with an additional 4 – 6 selections at an added cost.

Moreover, we were happy to see meals inspire from all over from Mexican one-pot pork stew to Italian calzones and tortellini, to food inspired by Asian and middle eastern cuisines.

We made a selection for two weeks and six varying meals to take a closer look and taste of what HelloFresh is all about in 2020.

Like you, at the time I find myself uninspired to make continuously different meals in the kitchen, which as I’m sure you’re aware of, can leave you feeling very motivated to eat the way you really should. So, when you have the food, recipes and all the extras you need to make different and delicious meals every week, without getting into a rut of having the same old same, these little changes can make a big difference.

As the food arrived, we were pleased to see that it was all as it should be. The meats and fish were frozen or chilled with packs, the veggies were fresh and looked vibrant, and upon combing through it, all we could think was, is it time to cook?

We made a steakhouse cheeseburger; Honey mustard baked salmon, Alfredo Tortellini, Classic Beef Meatloaf, Barramundi and Brown Butter Lemon Sauce, and Mexican Shrimp Bowl.

The meat, produce and ingredients were fresh and well packaged (though to save packaging most vegetable are loose in the brown bag). The recipes were all quite delicious, though some played to different taste as one would expect, we found that the food and meals were all of the excellent quality and more than sufficient portions for 2, at times with leftovers.



The Ordering:

When you download the app from HelloFresh, it makes ordering beyond easy. To test, we had two new users go in and place an order for the week, It took one 4 minutes and the other just over 3. That pretty much goes to show how easy it is to order, right from your phone, and even if you don’t have the app, ordering online is pretty easy as well.

On top of that, we tested the service and cancelled a week. We didn’t see a cancellation charge to skip a week, which means that if you’re away, have different plans or don’t have the money, with the click of a button you can skip a weeks delivery.


The Delivery:

We tested out the delivery to a front door drop off aka a townhouse and also to an apartment in the complex, one a smaller box and one larger. Both came with no issue, and for the home delivery, the driver called to let us know he was dropping off the delivery box and watched as we picked it up to make sure the handoff went safely.

So delivery to homes in most urban areas (check before ordering) seems more than probably, but entirely possible.


The Meals:

Every you need to make the meals (other than oils, butter, salt and pepper) comes inside the HelloFresh Boxes. From meat to sides, garnish to spices, all the component you need to make some primo meals is waiting inside.

As mentioned, we found a vast selection of meals, and varying list of ingredients inspired from cousins all over the world, and unlike before when we were left wanting more, this time around, we were just left wanting to eat it all, and then try some more.

The Mexican shrimp dish was fantastic. Was it authentic having travelled throughout Mexico, not really since the spice level is low, but gosh darn was it delicious! I enjoyed the meatloaf too, it was a real throwback to my childhood, and I loved each bit.


The Extras:

So what are some of the extra perks? We’ll you can send a discount to loved ones, or maybe even a free box. These are just a few of the perks that we experienced with HelloFresh.

When our second box arrived, it came with a little envelope that included a selection of saving from other great brands. In this uncertain time, every little bit helps.

And who doesn’t love a little extra?


Are you looking to try out HelloFresh for yourself? Click HERE to save $40 or more of your first order.




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