TESTED: Genuine Health Whey Proteins +

I’ve tested a vast array of protein powder over the years and actually ended up moving away from Whey based protein as they never seemed to be what I wanted or helped achieve the results that I needed.

There are a lot of protein products on the market that add sugar and all sorts of other unnecessary ingredients and additives that I just don’t want, and that your body doesn’t need. So when I was chatting with the fine people at Genuine Health about what I was looking for, they suggested Whey Proteins + (I chose the chocolate)

I tested the Whey Proteins + Natural Chocolate for a 20-day cycle and found it to be one of the best whey based proteins I’ve ever tested or used, and here’s why;


The flavour:

The natural chocolate flavour is so subtle and smooth, it mixes in great with an almond milk base, or becomes a delicious smoothie when mixed with a nut milk, banana and any other ingredients you typically add to your smoothie.

I made mine with: Equal parts almond milk and water, one Banana, two scoops of Genuine Health Whey Proteins +, and two teaspoons of organic peanut butter. So delicious, and for me, a great way to start the day, or enjoy after a workout.


The ingredients:

With natural, clean ingredients and flavoured with real cocoa buds and cocoa powder, the product pretty much speaks for itself. When you use real ingredients, it makes a huge impact on the product and thus has the greatest chance of giving you the optimum benefits when taking as directed.


The performance:

If you’re still wondering, feel free to check out my Instagram (jokes) but on a serious note, the performance has me looking and feeling the best I have in years, and while that is mainly in part to diet and exercise, having the right products, namely protein powder is key, and this one is top shelf!

Containing alpha+™ whey protein isolate, proteins+ provides a pure source of protein – with digestive enzymes and no artificial ingredients.


So why take Whey Proteins Plus?

By including proteins+ every day you can increase metabolism, decrease fat storage, increase lean muscle and improve immunity. Unlike other formulas, proteins+ contains no artificial ingredients or sweeteners, is low in calories, with little to no fat and carbohydrates.


We found this product to be a necessary addition to our daily diet and thus place the addicted stamp of approval on the Genuine Health Proteins +.



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