TESTED: COMPLETESTEAM™ Travel Fabric Steamer from Conair (and it’s many uses)

I’m adulting on a whole new level in 2018. One of the many changes I’ve made is to steam my clothing instead of ironing. Aside from the obvious (getting the wrinkles out), a personal steamer has a lot of great uses.

COMPLETESTEAM™ Travel Fabric Steamer from Conair has become my go-to for not only steaming my clothing but has become rather helpful for photo shoots, and general cleaning all around my home, so it comes as no surprise, this week, I share with you my love for this little yet super helpful steamer, and it’s many uses.

Let’s begin!

Wrinkled Clothing


The little Conair steamer is perfect for getting any and all wrinkles out of your outfit for the day. Whether you do it the night before or the morning of, this little guy heats up fast and is made for easy and quick use, along with super convenient storage due to its compact size.


Seasonal Steaming

When you’re putting your seasonal wardrobe away or taking it back out, the easiest and best way to refresh stored clothing, or make sure its fresh when it goes away is to steam it first. Just sweep the steamer over your the piece, let it dry, fold, and put away in a sealed Tupperware if possible.


Steamy Cleaning

Need to remove a stuck on mess, someone splashed a drink on the wall and you didn’t catch it, kids made a mess and chucked their spaghetti and you just couldn’t clean it up right away. Sound familiar?

Steaming is the easiest way to get of a mess that needs a “primer” before it’scrubbed, with the steamer you can do just that.

Run the steamer over the messy spot, then take your sponge and watch it wash away, and if you’re doing a tough clean, pair your steamer with a Scrub Daddy and you can pretty much scrub off any mess, anywhere, anytime.


So whether you just need to keep your dress shirts wrinkle-free, at home, or on the road, or you want to steam clean, the COMPLETESTEAM™ Travel Fabric Steamer from Conair really is a very useful little buddy to have.



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