TESTED: Clean Crate

Cleaning. It can be a rather bothersome task, and not just for the obvious reasons. Whether you have to clean up after kids, pets, your other half or just yourself, between washing clothes, dusting, scrubbing, dishes, and vacuuming, it can also be a little overwhelming to also think about the products you use.

As I’ve learned over the last decade, many of the products we use on ourselves and in our homes are not suitable for use, mainly due to heavy chemicals. So while we have to worry about cleaning, we also have to take even more time to find products that fit our lifestyle without ruining the planet.

So, when I came across, Clean Crate, the cleaning essentials home delivery service that offers a range of eco-friendly, natural, organic or non-toxic products, I, of course, had to learn more.

As we know, the products we use in our home, on our dishes, and to clean our clothes affect the planet and affect our health. So having a service that delivers you what you need and considers all health aspects is a game-changer.



As the box arrives, you’ll see a variety of products from some great brands. From Lemon Aide Fruit and Veggie Wash to an ADDICTED fave, the Tru Earth Laundry Strips it’s packed full of well thought, earth-friendly products to cover pretty much all of your cleaning needs.

Not only are the cleaning products sent in a recyclable box, but the packing beads also dissolve in water and are non-toxic. So I dumped them in my sink, ran some warm water over for a few minutes, and let them dissolve down the drain.



As I finished unpacking the box, I have to admit, I was a little excited to clean, and that I did. I cleaned everything and would continue to test all the products over the next 30 days.



I loved all the products that came in the crate, but I must admit that I’m obsessed with a couple.

The Ten and Co cloth has now become my go-to for wiping down the countertops. Unlike a regular sponge that leaves streaks and watermakers, I don’t know what magic this cloth is made with, but it’s perfect for cleaning countertops, dusting, and honestly, fully replaces the need for paper towel 95% of the time.

The Attitude All-Purpose Cleaner does precisely what it claims. From countertops to diluting to wash the floors, it seems to do any job thrown at it. For example, my dog peed on the carpet, and I used attitude, the cleaner that is, to wipe it up, and it did a stellar job.

Lastly, I had already tested Tru Earth Laundry Strips, but without a doubt, this is the best laundry detergent I’ve ever used or tried, and I am a lifelong fan. So easy, leaves your clothes clean without any overwhelming scents or harsh chemicals, and helps the environment by eliminating endless detergent bottles.


Great products, fantastic cleaning tools, sent perfectly packaged, all while being mindful of the users’ general health and environmental impact. It’s all too easy to see why we love The Clean Crate Company and have a hunch that you might too.


For more info or to sign up today, visit The Clean Crate Company.


Products gifted for this review.



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