Tested: Blunt Umbrellas

I’ve been testing umbrellas for years, in hopes, I could share something great, but through testing, we always found issues with everyone we tested, that is until now.

After testing the Blunt Metro, we have to say, it’s the best umbrella we have ever tested and here is why.

The Rain

Unlike most umbrella, the Blunt metro seemed to repel the rain, instead of just having it fall off the side and drip all over you.

No more spikes

Ever been practically impaled by someone’s umbrella. If you’d lived in the city, it pretty much goes without saying that has happened to you, but with the blunt and it’s blunt ends, you won’t be taking anyone’s eye out.

The wind

Ever been walking along and your umbrella flips and all the water splashes you. Ever had it break in the wind, or just become pretty much useless on the rainy days where it’s more than just a breeze? With the additions reinforcement of the blunt, we went out on several super windy days and the umbrella stood up to all the tests.

The Design

While we are much more focused on the function of an umbrella in that it’s supposed to keep your dry, we do appreciate the simple, crisp, functional design and look that is the blunt umbrella.

The Verdict

The Blunt Metro is the best umbrella that we have tested, hands down. The function, the structure, the design all lead to the most useful, lightweight and truly awesome umbrella.

So the next time your umbrella breaks, allows you to get soaked or just gives up on you altogether if you haven’t already picked up your blunt, may you think back to this, and rectify that wrong.



Founder, CEO at Addicted
Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!