Men’s Style: Dress to impress this fall/winter

I’ve been a huge fan of Ted Baker menswear for a long time now, and this fall I had the chance to dive in and pull some of my favourite pieces from their AW18 collection.

Now here’s the thing about dressing well; it isn’t all about expensive clothing and full suits. Quite the opposite, in fact. My style has always been classically tailored but it’s evolved over the years to be more relaxed and casual.

Like most guys, I want to know that I look my best but I also want to know that I’m going to be comfortable. Below I’ve put together some looks that I believe will make you feel ‘dressed up’ while still feeling like you’re dressed down.


The Perfect Blazer

When it comes to looking good as a man, you’d be surprised how far a well-fitted suit jacket or blazer can take you. Forget what you’ve heard about this being formal attire; with a blazer and the right accessories, you’ll be looking like an off-duty Bond in no time.

Below we’ve styled two Ted Baker blazers; one with a black t-shirt and black slacks, the other with a rose knitted short sleeved shirt from Ted Baker and blue jeans from H&M. We paired the first look with a classic black watch from Bulova and black leather kicks from Noble Soles. We paired the second look with a stunning Ted Baker overnight bag, soft leather shoes from Clarks and a brown leather watch. If you’re looking for a source of information that helps you identify the best brands and diversify your wardrobe, check this guide on what are the best clothing brands for men.

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Ted Baker Blazers

Bulova Watches

Noble sole


Dapper Dress Shirts:

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that if the quality is there, you can pass almost anything off as dress clothing. Women have been doing it forever and if all’s fair in love and war, then we can do the same.

A classic, well-made dress shirt and a pair of well-cut dress pants are the key elements to making any man look good, while still feeling comfortable and unrestricted. You can choose a lighter or heavier fabric based on the season and the occasion.

We paired this light blue shirt with navy dress pants and accessorised with sunglasses from and a watch by Tuk Watches.

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Ted Baker Dress Shirts

Ted Baker Slacks

Tuk Watches


Textured Clothing:

Knits and sweaters that fit properly are a great way to look good while being incredibly comfortable and keeping warm. Much like a quality dress shirt, a well-made, slim cut sweater or knit will effortlessly elevate your look. Add a couple of these to your wardrobe for those days when you want to look smart without trying.

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Ted Baker Knits


So, there are some of my tips for looking your best this fall/winter with the least possible effort. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Minimum effort, maximum results.


For more on Ted Baker and their latest collections visit their website today.



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