Tech to Start 2020 With

January is not renowned for being the best month of the year. Everyone is in a post-Christmas slump and many people are committing to dry January and brutal new exercise regimes which makes staying in is the order of the day. Well, fear not because below you’ll find some of the best tech to improve your home life and make a boring month into one you’ll look forward to. Read on for some great innovations to make staying in the new going out.




January is the perfect time to sink your teeth into a new game. We want the best, most immersive experiences from gaming so don’t settle for less than the most graphically demanding PC games. They will give you some of the best possible gaming experiences and fully immerse you in other worlds, fantasy lands, space, letting you play out the most thrilling plots in the industry. Check out the top games for high-quality graphics and lose yourself in another world this January.


Ditch the Takeaway


Keep your healthy New Year resolutions and learn to make your own versions of your favourite dishes. With these cool kitchen gadgets, you’ll never want to go outside again!


          Instant Pot: Already a popular appliance which seems to magically do everything (it’s a pressure cooker, rice cooker, yoghurt-maker, cake-baker, slow cooker, warmer and you can sauté in it too), now for 2020 it’s been totally upgraded. It connects to an app and is Alexa-enabled too, so you can get it going from anywhere in your home.

          Smart 12-cup Coffee Maker: Nothing is better than just rolling over in the morning and saying, ‘Alexa, start the coffee brewing.’ No need to get up and shuffle through to the kitchen to put on your favourite morning beverage. Instead, it will be ready and waiting for you with this coffee maker. Or, you know, just use it as a regular coffee machine. The choice is yours!

         GeniCan Scanner: This little beauty attaches to your bin (already sounding glamorous, no?) and allows you to scan cans and bottles as you chuck them away and then automatically orders more. You’ll never run out of mustard again.


Home Cinema


If you’re looking to avoid the bulk of a TV, then look no further than a home projector. You can now purchase ‘short-throw’ projectors, which work by being placed close to the site you’ll be projecting on. No cables trailing everywhere, and no heads blocking the projection or commando crawling to get to the toilet. No, these brand-new designs will give you a huge picture but without the fuss of a traditional projector. You can connect via HDMI or USB and most have soundbars built-in. If you’re really committed to staying on your couch this January, they’re also Alexa and Google Assist compatible too.


January is a great time to look inwards and improve your life one step at a time, starting with the home. Take advantage of staying in. If you are planning home improvements, make sure you get a professional for certain jobs. But otherwise, kick back, relax and make the most of January 2020.

Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!