Tea Days….and nights

Growing up with a British british mother and grandparents, tea has aways been a big part of my life. Even now, sitting down to a nice cup of tea will always bring me back to the days when my Grandpa would make me tea, which is one of my earliest memories.

So being that I am a tea man, I’m always looking for great selections to add to my collection, and o my journey’s through the industry I came across Alokozay Tea.

Alokozay Tea produces the purest & finest tea products, including a variety of black teas, green teas, flavoured teas and herbal infusions. Each one is distinct in taste and unique in aroma, with flavours that cannot be replicated. So what better way to test these tasty teas out for myself than on a sick day, when I could just take an afternoon to brew away.

First I started off with the loose leaf Black Tea, since I find this to be a stronger, bolder tea with it’s authentic Ceylon flavour and aroma, I thought best to use my tea infuser ball, in a over sized mug and only let it steep for a couple minutes. I then added a touch on coconut sugar to give it a taste of sweetness.

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Next I thought I’d make a pot of the Blackcurrant tea, since I was with fellow Addict Nadia E, who was also feeling a bit under the weather. So I dropped 3 tea bags into my tea pot and left it for a while to steep (not too long though as it is black tea based), which really brought out the fruity and delicious flavour.


Lastly I decided that I would use the Peach tea. The weather is finally starting to change, which means soon I’ll be making lots of my own brews of ice tea like I do every summer, as most iced tea available in stores is terrible for you due to the amount of sugar. So I dropped two bags into a mason jar, let it steep for a bit, removed the bags, let it cool, put the top on and into the fridge it went. (little side note, for sweet iced tea you can add a bit of honey while warm or coconut sugar)


So there you have it, so may great ways to brew tea, and even more ways to enjoy it, both hot or cold. So what are you waiting for? Check out the delicious flavours from Alokozay Tea today which is available online or at Metro (In the International food section), Food Basics and Adonis, and in Bulk Barn across Canada, also since we always have you covered, feel free to use this coupon for $1 off your purchase. Here’s to enjoying your Tea days, and nights, Bottoms up!



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