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Photo of Jenn Grant. She has short blonde hair and bangs. She is staring just past the camera. The photo is double exposed and behind her we see a fading sunset.

Jenn Grant Releases Collection of Classic Canadian Covers

Halifax singer-songwriter Jenn Grant has been taking classic Canadian tracks and putting her own authentic spin on them with her latest collection of music. Showing off her talents as a musician, producer, and storyteller, Jenn’s renditions of classic Canadian covers…

Press photo of Mali sitting on a pink backdrop wearing a white jumpsuit

Mali Remains Optimistic in Debut Album Caution to the Wind

Indian singer songwriter Mali recently released her debut album, Caution to the Wind. Following the release of her singles “Mango Showers” and “Absolute” (which peaked at #1 Euro Indie Music Chart), the album explores the carefree spirit of youth while…