Tabasco – Feed Your Original

What does #feedyouroriginal mean?

Well for starters, it would mean great food, while employing a “think outside the box” attitude while making or creating it. Add to that already great mix interesting and tasty drinks with a twist, a great atmosphere, and surely great friends and you’re well on your way to feeding your original, and that’s just what the great folks at Tabasco just did.

Recently Tabasco invited us out to the #FeedYourOriginal event that featured 7 distinctly different dishes made each by on of The Group of Seven Chefs. The group of culinary creators recently returned from an amazing trip to Avery Island that gave them the inspiration to make these delicious Delights.

From a wonderfully fresh croissant sandwich with pulled chicken, apple remoulade, and Tabasco chipotle to Olive Oil Corn Cakes with Corn Sorbet and Salted Tabasco Caramel Corn, to Avery Island salt baked boar on a biscuit, not only was the food very original, it was also so delicious. The great eats were matched perfectly with some very classic drinks with a twist like the Tabasco Caesar, and a spicy mojito, and to finish it all off, a tasty Tabasco Chocolate fudgcicle.

From the food to the flavours, the drinks to the dessert, the entire night was a real treat. The experience made me wonder what else could be made with Tabasco. The answer? Well the possibilites are endless.

Has we gotten your creative juices flowing with this piece on tasty Tabasco? Well if so Tabasco is running a contest for #FeedyourOriginal Check it out for all the details and remember to make some great food, have fun, and always be Original.



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