Swiping right on the Hyundai Ioniq

How does dating compare to car shopping? As we found out, it’s actually quite similar!

When it comes to dating, it’s something we put a lot of thought into. From what we wear on a first date to what we suggest for the second, just like buying a car, it can be exciting when diving into the unknown, but it also involves some serious thought.

So with my bestie Nadia by my side, we went on a little adventure to talk dating, driving, and to experience the Hyundai Ioniq for the very first time.



Photo credit: Sergio Alvarado


When meeting someone, first impressions really do matter. From the moment you meet, and just in those first few minutes you visually take in the person, or in this case the car, and make your initial judgment, and if this were a date, the Ioniq made a solid and charismatic impression.

As we started out on our “First Date” with the Ioniq we noticed right away that it was dynamic, fun, while still being comfortable and boasting a sleek design.

This would, of course, be the dating equivalent to someone starting off a spirited conversation, after having pulled out your chair for you with a subtle smile, easily welcoming you into the conversation.

When going out on a date you’re essentially looking for a true partnership, so starting that partnership off on the right foot is key.

Now if you’re anything like Nadia and me, you’re looking for a great partnership that includes someone with brains and beauty, a unique personality, and someone who does things a little bit differently, just like us.

So as we got further into our date with our Hyundai Ioniq, it was clear to see that it offered great handling, it was a solid ride that felt safe to cruise in, but was also very fun. So in dating terms, the spark was there, the conversation was flowing and the flirting was at a nine.


So what made our first encounter so special? Well here are a few things:

SuperHandling – The rigid composition of the SUPERSTRUCTURE enables more precise tuning of key suspension components.

SuperQuiet – Steel rigidity and the extended application of soundproofing materials help to keep outside noises where they belong whether you are navigating dense city traffic or cruising Canada’s wide-open highways.

SuperSafety – The exceptional stiffness and strength of the SUPERSTRUCTURE combined with structural adhesives to reinforce critical areas help provide added protection to occupants.

Like a well-spoken, good listening first date, it had lured us in with its sporty charm, and we were asking ourselves, what more do you have to offer?



Well since you asked, the Ioniq comes in three energy-efficient models:

Ioniq Hybrid

The Ioniq hybrid is powered by a specially developed power train that moves you down the road on the gasoline engine, the electric motor, or both, to give you a range of over 1,000 kilometers.

Ioniq Electric

An electric car that’s fun to drive! With a high-power lithium-ion polymer battery and modern electric motor, the Ioniq electric gives you up to 200 kilometers of emissions-free driving.

Ioniq Electric Plus (available Fall 2017)

The Ioniq Electric Plus can be charged at home, or while you’re out and about, and delivers about 40km of emissions-free range. If you run-out of battery power, the gasoline engine fires-up and the car becomes an efficient and fun-to-drive hybrid.

The Ioniq offers a driving experience like no other, with modern amenities, advanced safety features, and an ingenious design.


While we are already planning our second date, and trust us, there will be a second date, we think maybe it’s time we might send you on a date as well.

Tinder is teaming up with Hyundai for their first-ever automotive brand activation in Canada to help conquer both car shopping and dating dilemmas, something that we thought was just brilliant and had to be a part of.



From now until March, Hyundai is hosting a contest for Canadians to win a date of their own in the Ioniq. Through a first-of-its-kind media partnership, Tinder is promoting it through their app so users can swipe right when they see the Hyundai profile card pop up. Not on Tinder? You don’t have to be! Just go to www.HyundaiUltimateDate.com for full details.

Looking for new possibilities with dating and finding a new car, make sure you stay open, be true to yourself, and when something amazing comes along, be ready to take a deep breath, swipe right, put your phone down and continue on your way.

Happy swiping and happy shopping.



This is a sponsored post in partnership with Hyundai Canada, Addicted Media Inc, and yours truly.
Photo and video credit: Sergio Alvarado
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