Studio1098 X TheMaleAddict Cufflink Collaboration

I am super excited, why you ask, well today I announce my latest collaboration with my pal Tamara from top-notch Studio1098.

For those of you not yet aware, Studio1098 is a boutique custom jewellery store headed and run by Tamara who can pretty much create anything your heart desires.

From stunning engagement rings to beautiful pendants, men’s dog tags to cufflinks, Studio1098 has both a wonderful offering of pre-made pieces and the ability to custom make exactly what you want.



I’ve been a big fan of Tamara, and Studio1098 ever since I was introduced to them a few years back thanks to Jessica at Glo Communications, and as soon as I saw their collection of cufflinks for men, I was Sold!

I had mentioned to Tamara when I saw her in the summer that it had been a dream of mine to design a custom piece, to that she said, “So why don’t we!”. So we did just that.


So what have we been working on?


Well, I can’t really take much credit, but we came up with what I’m calling “Fisty Cuffs”.

We created these stunning cufflinks to be a sign of determination, perseverance and the fight to never give up, and win, but not just that, they are worn as a reminder that no obstacle stands too tall.

Now that might be a lot for a little pair of cufflinks, but both Tamara and I have poured our love into this project and are really happy and proud of the end result. So without further ado, I present to you:


The Fisty Cuffs by Studio1098 x The Male Addict



I think these are honestly just so classy, symbolic, and really just so darn neat, I’m so excited to share these new cufflinks with you!

Now, not only can you now pick up a pair for yourself today, you can always drop in or reach out to Studio1098 to create your own custom piece, pretty much just like I did, just keep in mind, the grander you get, the higher the price tag, and if money is no issue, make sure when you drop in, you mention my name. (wink wink)


For more on Studio1098, their collection or to get in contact, please visit their website today.

Special thanks to Tamara for helping make another dream come true, I’m so excited by these amazing cufflinks and everything they mean to me. 


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