Studio1098 celebrates Canada’s 150th birthday with custom jewellery collection

There is an awesome lady here in Toronto that makes some of the most original and honestly, best quality jewelry around. That lady’s name is Tamara, and her store is Studio 1098.

Having seen her at work first hand, having also worked on my own piece with her, I can say without question that if you are looking for something personal, something one of a kind or something Canadian, you need to pay her a visit.

Check out the Canadian Collection for yourself!

Studio1098’s Canadian Collection was designed to reflect the values of the country it showcases: pride, unity, diversity and Canadian culture. Canadians have been celebrating the country since the passing of the Constitution Act in 1867 when Sir John A. MacDonald became Canada’s first prime minister. Since then, Canada has created a world of basketball, ice hockey, snow shovels and an apologetic but firm insistence on equality and tolerance.  Today, with Canada’s sesquicentennial approaching, proud Canadians are seeking unique and exciting ways to celebrate this historic milestone.

The Confederation Bracelet; Together we stand: On July 1, 1867, what is known today as Canada Day, the British colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were united into one Dominion of Canada. Today, Canada is recognized as one of the most united and culturally diverse countries in the world. Show your love for Canada from coast to coast and the togetherness we started to build 150 years ago, with the Handmade Sterling Silver Canadian Confederation Bracelet ($980 in sterling silver and $2980 in 14K yellow or white gold) which includes charms for every province and territory across the country.

Provincial pride: There is a certain sense of belonging that comes along with representing your hometown, no matter where you end up in the world. Wherever your roots lie, Studio1098 has designed Handmade Sterling Silver Pendants and Charms ($150) showcasing the unique geography of each province and territory of Canada. If earrings are more suited to your style, Studio1098 has also made Handmade Sterling Silver Stud Earrings for every one of Canada’s provinces and territories, ($150 in sterling silver and $580 14K yellow gold). If you know a Canadian who would like to add some patriotic pride to his or her cuffs, Studio1098 Handmade Sterling Silver Province and Territory of Canada Cufflinks ($300) are an excellent way to do that. If you’re from one province and live in another, Studio1098 is offering the opportunity to mix and match your cufflinks or earrings.


The Maple Leaf: I be-leaf in Canadian pride: From hockey jerseys to the national flag, the maple leaf has become a Canadian icon. The eye-catching detail of the Handmade Maple Leaf Charm Pendants, starting at $150 ($580 in 14K yellow gold) come with the option of including a red crystal to add a little sparkle to either the necklace or bracelet. Other items in the collection include the versatile Handmade Sterling Silver Maple Leaf Cufflinks, $198 ($1580 in 14K yellow gold) and Handmade Sterling Silver Maple Leaf Tie Clip ($198) for a stylish person looking to add Canadian flair to his or her look. If you’re looking for something you can wear on a coat or close to your heart, Studio1098 offers a stunning Handmade Sterling Silver Maple Leaf Brooch ($680) which can be pinned to a jacket or sweater to reflect your Canadian pride.

Canadian accomplishments: To recognize one of Canada’s greatest sports inventions, Studio1098 makes Handmade Sterling Silver Basketball Cufflinks in orange or oxidized sterling silver ($298). If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for a hockey lover, Studio1098 makes  Handmade Sterling Silver Hockey Skate Cufflinks ($298) andHandmade Sterling Silver Goalie Cufflinks ($198), available in blue (Toronto Maple Leafs), red (Montreal Canadiens) or black (email Studio1098 for custom colors). Studio1098 also makes Handmade Sterling Silver “If I Had A Nickel” Cufflinks ($248) and Penny Cufflinks and accepts requests for specific years to personalize your new piece.
So if you are looking to add some Canadian swag to your style, looking for the perfect cufflinks or a one of a kind engagement ring, you must pay a visit to Studio 1098 for yourself.


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