Studio KO: Authentic Box-training done right

Over the years I have spent hours and hours boxing. No, I’m not training for a fight, nor do I want to be the next UFC fighter. Far from it, in fact; I just love the workout, and there really are endless reasons as to why.

Now, what are we talking about when we say Boxercise or Box-training? Boxing meets straight training meets cardio.

The reality is that a real boxer would do an insane amount of training past that of just throwing punches. Their cardio levels, strength, agility and so much more are made up along the way while, during and on top of the punches, and born out of that came the “Box-fit” workout.

This training offers a great cardio workout, strength training and muscle building, agility work, balance, the list of benefits that Box-fit offers go on and on, not to mention, it kinda feels badass, and ya never know, could come in handy.

Now I’ve been to studios here in Toronto, in the USA, Mexico, really all over and I have to say, DJ, Steve and the team at Studio KO are at the very top of that list, and they are a long list of reasons as to why, but here are a few.



While some classes seem to just follow a loop structure, KO always has a plan that they run through before every class, and unlike a lot of other studios, it’s never the same, always intense, created to keep you on your toes, and offer both a beginner and advanced option at each station for each workout.

That way everyone is essentially working as a team, while each working at their own individual level of ability.



While you may find that most “boxing coaches” at a lot of studios will never correct your form, all the instructors at KO want you to be and do your very best, and when it comes to any form of exercise especially boxing, form is key to both the impact and workout, and also for keeping yourself safe from getting injured while working out.

In boxing form is so key, trust me, I get yelled at often.



Making sure someone has your back when doing more technical workouts is key and I’ve found over my time with KO, that the team are instructors first, and will make sure you are on point, keeping up pace and also keeping good form, they are also all great cheerleaders who can really help pull you through in the many times you feel you just don’t have more to give.

Trust me, there is always more, and they’ll help bring it out.


Studio and equipment:

A clean fresh studio and top of the line equipment add even more to the lure of Studio KO. Unlike some studios, they actually have bags, which makes for a harder workout overall and more authentic than a bob. On top of that, the atmosphere is always welcoming and positive right from the moment you walk in, till the moment you leave.

They also have all the accessories you may need from gloves to wraps, or like me, you can always choose to bring your own, whatever works best.


The Workout

You can expect a 50 min class that combines both on-the-bag and off-the-bag strength and conditioning exercises designed to improve your boxing technique and overall cardiovascular fitness. Clients can expect HIIT circuit training classes to always keep you moving! The first 5 minutes of class will be spent explaining the workout format for that day followed by your warm-up, workout, and cool down.


The best equipment, atmosphere, instructors and workout are just a handful of the reasons Studio KO stands above the rest and the main reason why you to should pay a visit and get your ass handed to you today



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