Staying in Sandakan at The Nak

On the north east coast of Borneo sits Sandakan. A city that works as a pivot point connecting areas through their large (and somewhat confusing) bus terminals. It’s a great place for a go-between to rest and get your bearings for the next leg of your journey. For me this meant the highlight was where I stayed, the Nak Hotel.


The Nak was a fantastic place to stay. I splurged on their tranquility suit and it was the largest and loveliest room I stayed in in Borneo. The best ammenity of the room was the clawfoot bathtub. A nice long soak in there after days in the nearby nature was heavenly.



On the roof of the Nak is their restaurant with a lovely view of the city and water. Many comfortable areas to sit and chill, sip cocktails as the sun sets, and grab a bite.





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