Stag Do Ideas They’re Sure to Love

When you are honoured with being best man at a friend or relatives wedding, the task of arranging the stag party also falls on your shoulders. This will possibly be one of the most important events you have to organise and you will want to make sure that everyone has fun, including the groom to be.

Sporting Events

As soon as you mention that you are arranging a stag party, most people think of lots of alcohol with beautiful topless barmaids. That might be the ideal for the group you are dealing with but there are plenty of other options you could choose, or even blend with that type of party for an even more unforgettable event.

If the people involved all like a particular sport, you could organise a weekend away that includes a tour of the stadium and takes in a match or game of whichever sport you have chosen. These can be organised very easily, as many teams in all sorts of sports offer deals that include these two things as well as accommodation. With some of these deals, you even get to meet legends of the sport as well as current players. All you have to do is arrange the transport to get every there on time.

Adventure Weekends

There are lots of these to choose from and all you have to be careful of is that you do not pick something that the groom will be uncomfortable with. The range of activities is large and divers. You could go clay pigeon shooting, in off-road buggies, rafting, caveman hunting, archery or one of many others. On some of these weekends you get to take part on more than one of the adventures, and then in the evening, you can all enjoy a few drinks while you relax ready for the next day.


Boat Trips

You can hire boats with a full crew that are large enough to hold quite a few people, without being the size of a cruise ship. They usually have bars and food provided, and often have entertainment on board such as the chance for a game of poker or blackjack. These can be a great couple of days away, which can be made even better if you ban all mobile devices while you are onboard.

Driving Experiences

These are a bit different from the daily commute to and from work. Having the chance to drive a supercar around a track can be a wonderful experience, or you could go the other way and have some fun go Karting. Then there is the option of off-roading in 4 x 4 vehicles too. All of these options can provide a great deal of fun for everyone, and you can fit them all into a weekend.

Casino Night Out

Not all stag parties are for a weekend, there are many that are just for one night. Then a trip to a casino can be a great idea, or maybe enjoy one of the local comedy clubs.

There are just a couple of things you need to remember as you will be in charge. Try to prevent anyone from getting too drunk or they will recall nothing of the event, and no girls are allowed.



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