Addicted to Love? Smart, Stunning, Successful Single Women

Like many gay men, I am surrounded by beautiful, smart, amazing straight women, and while these lovely ladies have killed it their professional lives, are active in their community and have so much to offer, somehow many of these 30 something bombshells are still single.

Now when you have a couple people you know here and there that are single you just find ways to sluff it off and come up with a plethora of reasons as to why, but what if the majority of these women are single and not only that, they are asking you all the time, “What the hell is up with men?

My response: “You’re amazing and you deserve someone who is as amazing as you”, and it’s so true, but, that’s easier said than done.

So here is the real question at hand: When you are a woman, and you have become successful, and you have no “NEED” for anything else in your life but would like to share your life with someone special, why is it that these women, like the ladies in my life, find it so hard to find a great man?

If you’ve seen Sex and the City you’ll remember when Charlotte entered back into the world of dating after leaving Trey, she invites a man back to her stunning New York apt, and he totally freaks out and announces that he will never live up to her lifestyle. Steve does the same thing to Miranda.

So is their success actually a hindrance when it comes to dating, have we not come as far as we think?

Think about it this way. The men who are too young and too old, there out, the married guys, well, they should be out of course too, the gay men, we also find ourselves out as well, lol, and now we have to remove all the men that aren’t comfortable enough with themselves or their lifes, or just their level of success, and you are left with a widdled down number that started as a giant city full of men which now would only fill a small stadium at best.

We’ve figured out now that 2/3 of the men have been eliminated, we now have to then focus on the sheer fact that these ladies still need to meet someone with great chemistry that they can share their life with. (The regular hard part for all of us.)

So it’s really not surprising when you think about it that way, but why?

As I write this article, women around the world are gearing up to march. To march for equal rights, for fair treatment, for equal pay, and to show the strength not only of each and every woman, but united what can be accomplished, and as the online feed plays, there are a fair number of men who are making derogatory comments, about the woman marching and women’s rights in general.

We like to pretend that we have come a long way, and in some places, in some ways, we have, but in others, we still haven’t shifted much at all, case in point, any man at all writing a single negative comment on today’s Woman’s March.

I watched a video recently of young woman is Africa being trained to say no, and learning to defend themselves, and really what their rights are as young woman, but what really struck me in the video was the other side, the boys being taught about women’s rights, being taught that strong woman are amazing, that dressing a certain way is not an invitation for attention in any way, and while their lessons are in place for what was an extreme problem the lesson remains the same around the world.

Until we let go of this archaic, sexist way of thinking, things will never change, but I would like to be proven wrong because I know there is still good in the world and there are still great men.

So to all you straight men out there, the men who are comfortable in who they are, who respect a woman, in action and in words and that aren’t afraid of a little competition, hit me up, I have some amazing women I think you really might love, I know I do.



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