Spring into an Acura

Warmer weather is just around the corner and summer is coming! We all know that means windows are rolled down, the radio is turned up and road trip season begins. Are you ready? Here at Addicted, we think that the new 2016 Acura MDX Elite is the perfect road trip car to pack in your family and friends and hit the open road. With ample third-row seating leaving plenty of room in the trunk for all your gear, you’ll be able to bring the whole group with you.

Say goodbye to fighting over that infamous shotgun seat that only promises radio control and extra leg room as perks. With the back seats boasting an entertainment system your living room would be jealous of, chances are that front passenger seat might be empty. In the back it has an ultra-wide screen TV that can be split into two screens to keep both sides of the car happy, whether you’re planning on watching a movie or listening to your favorite songs, Acura has you covered. They even include a pair of wireless headphones to keep everyone listening to what they want separate from the front seat passengers. Get ready for a trip in your oasis covered in luxurious leather, soft touch plastics and real wood trim.  

Aside from entertainment, the Acura MDX is packed with technology to make your drive a breeze. The MDX Elite is equipped with AcuraWatch which includes lane assist, blind spot monitoring, active cruise control, front end collision and brake warnings and much more that will leave you amazed at how well they work, just remember to keep your hands on the wheel and alert at all times. For those of you that aren’t automotive whizzes, basically, active cruise control monitors what the car in front of you does and mimics it. They slow down, you slow down and if they speed up, you guessed it, you speed up to your cruising speed. All that while your legs are getting a much-needed rest. Lane assist will leave you even more amazed. For those of you struggling to stay between the lines, Acura’s lane assist will softly nudge you back into your lane when it detects you’re getting close to the line. Another handy feature is the birds eye view camera that basically gives you a 360 view of your car from the top. In a vehicle of this size, it makes parking a breeze, even parallel parking!

Behind the wheel, let’s just say this isn’t your grandma’s SUV. Boasting Acura’s powerful V6 engine with a healthy 290hp, it will certainly provide even the sportiest of drivers with some fun. What’s new and interesting for the 2016 model is the nine-speed automatic gearbox, which is incredibly smooth and quiet. Compared to most cars with 7, 8 or 9 speeds, the MDX isn’t constantly searching for the right gear, it just always seems to be there. You won’t see a console shifter, rather a push button system to create more space and you get the steering wheel mounted shifter paddles to play with, which you certainly will. Put all these things together and you’ll get to where you want to be faster and with a smile on your face.

All in all, this is the bestselling SUV in its class and we can see why. It has a bit of everything and each bit is just fantastic. From the Jewel Eye headlights that will light up the road in even the darkest conditions to the tail lights, this car has it all for each type of driver. Whether you want a sporty family hauler, a car with plentiful space or a car with demanding presence and style, the Acura MDX has you covered.

All that is left is to type in your destination, preferably one that is far far away, and enjoy the ride and its sights that it brings.

Aleksandar Savic

Aleksandar Savic

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