Spin class meets party at SPINCO

Photo credit: Arthur Mola

Spin class enthusiasts are slowly taking over Toronto, and if you have yet to attend a spin class, you’ll soon be the odd one out.  There are a ton of spin studios in the city, but only a few stand out. Just last week, SPINCO celebrated its 4th birthday with two 100 people spin classes at Rebel Nightclub, with the proceeds going to charity Right To Play.

Let’s just say, it’s safe to say SPINCO knows how to celebrate. The lights, the confetti, and the sheer energy of the instructors were next level. Special guests, Toronto’s own DJs and Producers Loud Luxury hit the decks to live DJ the event, making the music selection top notch for EDM lovers and spin fans alike. If you haven’t heard their hit song “Body”, then you need get onto Spotify right now and jam away.

SPINCO is known for its disco balls, dark lighting, pounding upbeat music, and energetic instructors, so the setting at Rebel Nightclub made for the perfect anniversary. Being in the crowd of 100 other spinners, you can feel how excited everyone was to be there sharing the sheer love they have for the SPINCO brand. Instructors flew in from all over the country for the occasion, making the energy of the one-hour spin class addictive.

More than just a workout

If you haven’t been to a SPINCO class, then let’s break it down for you: Yes, you’re on a bike. But, it’s so much more than that. SPINCO boasts a full body workout – as your legs do most of the work, you’re also working your core and glutes and every class has some light weight work for your arms along with arm work on the bikes as you spin. Definitely come to class ready to sweat and put in hard work, because the team does not mess around. You’ll leave feeling pumped full of feel-good endorphins, making all your hard work so worthwhile.

What’s also great about SPINCO is that it’s 100% Canadian. Started in 2014 by owner Michelle August when she was just 22 years old, there are now 10 studios from coast to coast. Spin class goers leave every class feeling ready to take on the world, and it’s no surprise why. SPINCO was founded on hard work, dedication, and a love of health and wellness.

While the workout is the main focus of a SPINCO class, the positive attitude and motivational vibe of the studio is what really makes SPINCO stand apart from the other studios in the city. You leave every class with a good sweat and a new outlook on life, feeling as if you can take on any challenge.

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