Some of the Best Liquors & Spirits for Fall

Unless you live under a rock, autumn is probably the last chance you have before winter to enjoy the great outdoors. I’m not talking about hiking, hunting, or fishing, mind you. I’m talking about open-air get-togethers. There’s no better excuse to get the whole gang together, and there is no better excuse to hit up an LCBO (for my Ontario people) or your favorite liquor store in Savannah, GA, or anywhere that you are to try some tasty spirits.

Speaking of which, if you’re looking for recommendations you came to the right place. Below you’ll find my picks for the top liquors worth trying this fall. Try one, try all. Just make sure to drink responsibly.

Photo by Oleg Magni


Laird’s Straight Apple Brandy

Since 1780 (yes, you read that right) Laird and Company, one of the oldest family-run distilleries in the U.S., has been brewin’ and bottlin’ their Straight Apple Brandy, which sports a no-joke 100-proof alcohol content. In other words, it’s old, it’s strong, and it’s delicious.

Appropriate for cider season, every bottle is reportedly the product of about 20 pounds of apples, picked fresh before fermenting, then distilled and aged for a minimum of four years. With its warmth and richness, this is a great addition to any autumnal cocktail.


Crystal Head Vodka

If you’re anything like me, your favourite holiday is Halloween. So when fall rolls ‘round and the jack-o-lanterns are lit, what could be a more appropriate, ahem, “spirit” to imbibe than one which is not only manufactured by one of the O.G. Ghostbusters but which is also served in a freakin’ skull?

Crystal Head Vodka, a brand founded by none other than Dan “Ray Stanz” Aykroyd, is distilled four times and filtered no fewer than seven times, with the final three filtrations using Herkimer diamonds. Why? Because diamonds make everything better (if you don’t believe me, ask your wife)! The result is an incredibly smooth, vanilla-sweet vodka with a pleasant, toasty burn.


Westward America Single Malt

The (relatively) new kid on the block, Westward America Single Malt is a double-distilled whiskey aged in charred American oak barrels sans chill filtering, giving it a powerful balance between spice and sweetness that echoes both the season’s biting chill and its cosy warmth.

Boasting flavorful notes of butterscotch, cocoa, orange peel, this is a unique beverage with a gorgeous amber colour and a rustic earthiness. An ideal accompaniment for a friendly get-together with your flannel-clad compatriots to watch the tree leaves grow brittle and brown.



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