Solutions for Downton Abbey Withdrawal

I’ll admit it, I’m still going through Downton Abbey withdrawal, and it’s bad. Watching episodes over and over, talking in a british accent, muttering about Edith under my breath, or cursing Mary, I really need to get a grip.

Ok so maybe I’m over exagerating but i do love Downton Abbey and really anything about or taking place in the Gilded Age, so when I came across The Berkshires in Western, MA I just had to tell you all about it.

Berkshire towns like Lenox and Stockbridge, cultural icons like novelist Edith Wharton and ultra-wealthy families like Vanderbilt, Morgan and Sloane spent at least part of the year nestled among the natural beauty of this region, and built monumental mansions (called Berkshire Cottages) to accommodate their lifestyles.

Located less than three hours from NYC and Boston, the Berkshires are refereed to as the Downton Abbey of New England as well as the Inland Newport. The area attracts travelers looking for a Downton Abbey experience, and really for someone like me, this is the perfect place to totally geek out without crossing the pond.

Check out some of the locals below:


Many of the original Gilded-Age gardens have been restored including the Iconic Blue Steps at Naumkeag, also a National Historic Landmark. The Blue Steps are one of the most famous and photographed garden features in 20th-century American landscape design and a true expression of Fletcher Steele’s (landscape architect) belief that garden design should be considered one of the fine arts.

With so much to see and do while taking a few steps back into the past The Birkshires is the perfect place for the Downton Abbey loves young and old.

To find out more and to plan your trip visit their website today.




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