Sock it to me, and you and everyone in between

I love fun socks. I’m also really hard on my socks from the sheer amount of walking I do, so, I find myself buying socks probably more often than I’d like.

I also, like a fair number of men and women nowadays, love crazy socks, usually the zanier the better, so when I heard about Sock it to Me, the company the has both an online shop or a monthly box featuring well-priced socks that are all out of this world, I had to check them out for myself.



When the shipment arrived to my delight the socks were all kooky, colourful and really just a whole lot of fun for your feet.

From “Say Cheese” and “Intergalactic” featured above, to other Sock it to me faves like “Yonder Castle” “Socktail Hour” and “Intermission”.

You can hop onto their site and shop as you like, or if you are looking to have them send you some socks monthly, they have several choices of plans to fit your perfonal sock needs.

The Socks go from about $12 a pair when bought individually and becomes cheaper when you order in larger volume vis their monthly sock box, we have the 2 pair box sent over and have to admit, it was fun to have the colourful xo arrive and not knowing what we had inside.



We also love there easy 1-2-3 guide to sock delivery.



Not only that, sock it to me also makes a super fun and comfy boxer briefs for the guys, so the excitement doesn’t stop on your feet, you can gran some fun, creative or zany underwear to your collection.

I grabbed a pair of the “Einstien” “Blamo!!” (pictured below) and the “Dapper Dandie”. They all fit well and stood up in the wash through testing without looking worn or losing colour.

Not only that, they are all fairly wacky, which I really enjoy.

They retail for $20. and are available for purchase online.


So if you’re looking to add some personality, colour, and zany socks and undies to your collection, then you have to pay a visit to Sock it to Me today.



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