Soaking Up The Sorority Lifestyle

A Transitioning College Environment

Even if you’re pursuing your education at a university that isn’t Ivy-league, or a community college, you may be surprised to find there are sororities in many of these institutions. Where traditionally community colleges were much less apt to have such student sisterhoods, the increasing popularity of community college is changing things.

You may want to call around; there are certainly going to be more diverse options than were on the table in previous years. Depending on what you’re looking for, you may be able to find exactly what you’re seeking at a smaller college. However, regardless of where you ultimately decide to spend your years, there are things you’ll want to be involved with.

Going the sorority route puts you in a position to learn many things collaterally which could even be more important to later life than much of your traditional education. If you can’t find a good sorority at a small college, you may want to shoot higher. When you’re involved with a group like that, there’s a kind of community bond that goes on to give many sisters opportunities they couldn’t get otherwise.


Sorority Advantages

Sororities incorporate members from all class levels. Your sorority sisters aren’t just the group you enter school with. There are those who’ve gone before you, and those who will come after you. When it develops that you’re part of a specific sisterhood, you have hundreds of sisters you may have never meet, and you may never meet, who are out there in the world.

So if you’re in a collegiate environment, exploiting such institutions makes a lot of sense. There are rituals involved with such sisterhoods. If you’re “pledging” to one sorority or another, there may be things you have to do in order to become a member. During this period, and shortly after you’re accepted into the collective, you may want to do things which impress your “sister superiors”.

For example, what if you could save the sorority money through careful acquisition of supplies? As a group, you will likely have some kind of uniforms, jackets, and formal wear. There are ways to reduce how much these things cost through bulk purchasing. Azazie offers a discount for group orders on sorority dresses; as the site expresses it, “Endless colours and sizes in some of our favourite styles. Minimum order of 25 items to be applicable for sorority group discount and free shipping.”


Celebratory Events

Additionally, a big aspect of the sorority lifestyle is the celebration—partying. Now, you’ve got to be careful here. As the ever-popular raunchy cartoon, South Park puts it, “There’s a time and place for everything. And it’s college.” But not really. If you’re not careful, you can get yourself in big trouble.

Still, for the cautious ladies out there who want to maximize both their education and their sorority bonds, you might get creative and do little things to sweeten your membership with the sisterhood. Fifty dollars on some bulk candy could come in handy—and you might even be able to make it somewhat educational!

For example, you could bulk order some Jolly Ranchers from this website: and conduct a history lesson— even gives you the “Cliff Notes”, if you will: “Since their start in Colorado after World War II the Jolly Rancher has become one of the most popular hard candies around. Hershey took over the brand in 1996 and has continued the tradition…”


A Bright Future

There’s a lot to look forward to in college, however, today one proviso exists that is eminently worth your consideration. Collegiate expenses are massive, and if you choose a spurious degree, or don’t have some sorority affiliation you can rely on, then your time studying is just prolonged adolescence.

Your goal with college is to learn something that will give you a better place in the world as a result. This learning may be educational in the traditional sense, or in the sorority sense, or a combination of the two. But you’ve got to come away with something. With such a mindset, your years among your peers in college will be grand.

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