So I saw a psychic…for my cat: Meet the Modern Day Dolittle

Have you ever wanted to know what your pet was thinking?

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I have 3 pets, 2 rescue cats and a new rescue puppy.  It’s a busy house, animal wise, and shit happens, sometimes literally.  On and off for years, my oldest cat, a black, fluffy former stray named Cash, would poop outside of his litter box.  Not in another room, not accidentally missing the side of the box; he would drop his deuces specifically, purposefully, and pointedly 6 inches away from where he was supposed to.

All I wanted to know was WHY.  What was he thinking, what was he trying to tell me, and how could I get him to stop.  I tried everything I could think of, watched every Jackson Galaxy Youtube episode and googled my brains out, to no avail.  Finally, I made a frenzied Facebook post plea for advice in the Palz (formerly Bunz) Pets Zone.

Soon I was inundated with replies to my plight, most around the basics like litter logistics and amateur animal behavioral diagnoses.  But the most intriguing and unconventional suggestion came in the form of a DM.  A fellow rescue pet parent sent a message saying a friend of hers had seen a local animal psychic about her dog’s food issues, and lo and behold, the issues resolved.  Considering I had already spent a fair amount of time (and money) nodding along to sage words of a psychic regarding my own destiny, I was sold.  I reached out to the name she provided: Meg Vickell, the Modern Day Dolittle.

Meg is an Animal Intuitive.  She came about her calling somewhat by accident, in her words she was “thumped over the head“ with it. She’d had some interest in mediumship and psychics, like me seeing them on occasion for her own life.  A couple of years ago, during a reading about her career, Meg received a rather direct  message from her guides: “it is time to start your animal communications.” The message wasn’t as clear as her guides intended, especially considering that her current career was in communications for the pet industry.  So, she carried on for a while before returning to the same psychic and receiving the same message. This time, the medium clarified with one important word: telepathic animal communications.  It was an epiphany: Meg always had a special connection with animals, and now she finally understood why, and was ready to dive in to her destiny.  With research, the guidance of a mentor and tireless work honing her gift, Meg is now an established animal communicator.  She combines her telepathic talents with communications technology to help people all over the world communicate with their beloved animals in this life and the next.

It turns out that I very much fit her client profile: we all identify as female, we’re intuitive, and sometimes these sessions act more as a validation for what we’re already thinking, and as a conduit to deepen our connections with our animals.  She conducts the reading by “stepping into the animal’s energy” as she puts it, which is like “checking in” to open the lines of communications so she can pass on what the animals tell her to their pet parents.  After a reading, human caregivers may see a change in their furry friend’s behavior, either a modification or resolution of the issue in question, or just a general increase in affection.  ““During the reading, there’s so much gratitude that comes through.  The change [in behavior] is literally your pet saying thank you” Meg says. It’s as if your pets have been waiting to speak to you, and they’re grateful to have finally gotten the chance.  And now, I would finally get the chance to listen to what my own pets had to say.

I connected with Meg over Skype, one of the methods she offers clients for readings. Meg opened the session with an introductory prayer, to create a safe spiritual space, and to connect with her guides.  I’m not sure if it was the prayer, anticipation of the reading or just being open to this experience, but I got chills.

As the reading began, my cats both stopped what they were doing and one by one came and made themselves comfortable beside me on the couch and in view of the Skype chat.  Both did so completely unprovoked, and for the rest of the reading they remained right next to me, snuggled up to each other.  It very much felt like they were part of the conversation, but I could only hear Meg.  It was eerily reassuring.

Meg asked who I wanted to speak to first, and I suggested Cash. I was both eager to hear from him and hopeful that our litter box mystery may finally be solved. Apparently Cash was receptive, sharing a lot with Meg, to the point that she repeated multiple times that he had a lot to say.  And so much of it came as such a surprise.

Through my reading, I learned that Cash had made a soul contract with me, to help me reach my higher purpose.  Meg told me this was something many animal companions do; their people are meant to achieve important things and they sign onto that mission in their own way, helping their humans along.  Cash was in tune with my intuitive side, far more than I even was.  But, being a cat, he couldn’t communicate with me easily, so that was what the litter box drama meant.  I was not being my best self, I was not taking care of myself, I was working too much and not efficiently or smartly enough – all of these things were being observed by my pet and out of concern for me, he did what he could to grab my attention.  According to Meg, “he’s going to do stuff that just pisses you off.”  This was him “upping the ante” in order to help me do and be better.  What I thought was my cat’s bad attitude was actually him trying to take care of me in the best way he knew how, with a side of sass of course.

If that wasn’t heartwarming enough, Meg took the time to “step into” my second cat’s energy.  Bowie came to me as my first foster cat, who I adopted.  He had spent most of his short life in a cage in an animal shelter before coming to live with me, and I knew nothing more of his previous life.  Through the reading, Meg told me that his life had been cold, where he lived, and his interactions with humans.  She saw him “curling up a lot, just to conserve body heat.” But since coming to live with me, all he knew was love, happiness, and warmth.  He was grateful for his new life with us, where he was loved and cared for. He respected Cash’s role in our little family, but insisted he had his own place: to provide affection, and to be cute, which he says is extremely important.  I don’t think there has ever been a more cat like statement.  And he’s not wrong, he’s the kind of cute that brings joy to anyone who meets him.

I learned that both my cats were grateful for our family and their parts in it, and content, both with their own circumstances and the purpose they’ve each undertaken. They were even ok with their newest sibling, a rescue puppy from Egypt named Gamila.

But what brought me the most joy to learn was that they were both happy with the life I’ve given them.  Gaining that knowledge was the true highlight of my reading.

Oh, and Cash?  Ever since our reading, he’s been leaving his leavings in the litter box where they belong.

I had reached out to with Meg, for assistance with my cat’s poop problems. What I got was a resolution to my issues, and so much more. My reading was an incredibly touching experience beyond what I could have ever imagined, and I can’t recommend Meg enough. If you have pets and wonder what they’re thinking, this is the experience for you.   You can even gift a reading to an animal lover in your life this holiday season.  With an open mind, and open heart, you may learn something that surprises and changes you, and you’ll realize that your pet loves you more than you could ever imagine.

Contact Meg Vickell, the Modern Day Dolittle via email or through her website and socials below!



Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly