Sneak Peek: NOZO Toronto Winter 2015 Collection

If you’re immersed in the “hip” downtown Toronto scene, chances are you’ve already heard of NOZO Toronto. Known for their cutting edge and urban styles – an encapsulation of Toronto’s vibrant fashion scene – NOZO is one of Toronto’s most affordable and eclectic Toronto-based brands. NOZO, now in their fifth season, has released a preview of their Winter 2015 collection featuring the Toronto “Lost Boys”, and Addicted has a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Their Winter 2015 collection features many great items including couture balaclavas, elongated hoodies, MA-1 bombers, animal print aprons, custom themed skate decks, and leather snapbacks – a personal favourite of mine.

When asked about the inspiration for the winter collection, Eric Ing, CEO and designer for NOZO, explains the meaning of the winter line’s title, “Nihilist Solidarity.”

“When you’re young, you’re really not thinking about the greater purpose of your life too much.  You’re very focused on the now, and the now includes partying, hitting bongs, and pursuing your creative dreams.  That becomes the meaning of your life, and there may not be any greater noble or moral purpose to your existence. But if you find a group of like-minded individuals who share that same mentality, they become your solidarity, ” Ing explains.

With a further understanding of the inspiration for their Winter 2015 collection, and after seeing the photos, it’s evident that NOZO will continue to be a trendsetting force in the city of Toronto and for our vibrant scene of young creative individuals.

“The goal of NOZO Toronto is to always remain current and organically connected to the real youth of our city,” says Ing.

Check out their Winter 2015 Look Book below.


Sarah Warne

Sarah Warne

Contributor at Addicted
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