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I love to travel light. It saves time, money and stress when you can easily fit everything you need to travel in one little bag that never leaves your side. That’s why I love my new suitcase and packing tools from Holiday Group.

As I started planning what I would take on my recent trip to Costa Rica I knew that I wanted to keep things simple, organized and most of all compact so I didn’t have to check a bag. The perfect place to start was with a great carry on suitcase that was light weight and small enough to avoid hassles when checking in to fly. I went with the Travel Pro Maxlite 3 line , choosing a cute little carry on in blue, since so many people choose black luggage and I like to be able to easily distinguish my bag from everyone else’s. This little spinner bag held everything I needed for my trip – that is as long as I packed in a smart and organized fashion, and that’s where Austin House packing accessories came in. Three little packing cubes were all I needed to keep my clothing and toiletries organized in my little suitcase. Using these cubes I was able to stack my belongings easily in my carry on, even leaving little gaps that could be filled with anything I acquired on my trip.

One of my favorite travel accessories from Austin House had to be the Space Saving vaccuum bags. I used one medium sized bag to pack a sheet and pillow case, as I was going camping for the first part of my trip, and packed an empty one that would hold any dirty laundry I accumulated along my travels. These little bags are genius! All you do is stuff whatever you want into the bag and roll it up, squeezing air out as you go through the handy little vents at the bottom. Once you’ve rolled all the air out, what would once take up half a suitcase is compacted to a fraction of the size for easy breezy packing!



With all these tools in hand, I was able to enjoy my vacation without the hassle of worrying about how to pack up to go home. I was also pleasantly surprised by the durability of the Travelpro suitcase. Between being dragged through a dusty campsite and trekked up and down the hilly Costa Rica terrain as I moved between cities, that bag took a beating, but held its own admirably (see before and after pictures below).

Travelling is so much easier when you have the right tools. Be sure to check out the offering from Holiday Group before your next vacation so you have one less thing to stress about as you enjoy your hard earned time off.

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Austin House space-saving bags

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly

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  1. Colleen Cole

    I used to travel for biz a lot and it was always a challenge to travel as light as possible. I’m going to look into those bags – that’s a pretty cool trick!