Slicked back summer style for bottle blondes (or anyone really)

Photo by Frank Uyt den Bogaard on Unsplash

When you’re a natural dark brunette who craves perfect platinum locks, you quickly come to terms with the toll it takes on your hair.  Dryness and damage are a fact of life when you turn your hair into a delicate platinum crown on your head, so it can be challenging to find style options to keep you looking sharp while keeping your hair safe.  And that’s why I am embracing the slicked back look for my summer blonde hair.

Lately I’ve been rocking a signature short style for a couple of reasons:  my hair just can’t grow long (thanks thin/fine hair genes) and in order to keep blonde hair looking healthy, regular trims are a necessity.  Lucky for me, my hairstylist, the talented Rose Huggett, gave me a short haircut with its own style built right in, giving me the ability to have fun with texture while avoiding excessive heat styling.  I’ve had a blast figuring out how to have fun with my hair, and using cool and innovative products to give me different looks and styles.  My latest love is this slicked back look.  Made famous by short-haired mavens like Linda Evangelista, Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart, this look pulls focus to the face, and is the height of chic and fashionable.  It’s also a great way to create a polished look with minimal heat styling, and keeps my hair in place now that we’re entering a typically humid Toronto summer.


When it comes to hair, I’m pretty useless so believe me when I saw that if I can do this, so can you!

Blowdry for smoothness

Blowdrying is generally as far as I’ll go when it comes to heatstyling my hair (seriously, I gave away my flatiron because that’s how delicate my hair is now).  To keep hair safe and achieve ultimate smoothness, use a heat protecting spray all over your hair and lower the heat setting on your blowdryer to medium.  This way you can still get a smooth finish while saving your hair from damage. I like Sebastian’s Trilliant spray, which protects your hair and adds shimmer for a shiny, sleek look.

Apply dry shampoo to your roots

This may seem counterintuitive, considering you’re looking to slick back your hair, but for someone with thinner hair like me, a bit of dry shampoo gives the illusion of thicker, more voluminous hair before you get to slickin’.  It also helps hold hair in place from the root, giving your style more sleekness for longer.  Try Nioxin’s Instant Fullness Dry Cleanser for body that leaves your scalp happy and nourished.

Comb your hair into place with a light hold cream product

Next, it’s time to slick!  Here’s where you decide if you want that goddess emerging from the ocean slicked back look, or something more reminiscent of one of Robert Palmers’ red lipped ladies from his iconic videos.  I went with the latter, smoothing down my natural hair part and hairline with Sebastian’s Sublimate finishing cream.  I liked this product because it wasn’t sticky, but felt light and nourishing while holding my hair in place.

Spray spray spray that hairspray

When you’ve slicked your hair to your satisfaction, lock that style in place with a good hairspray.  I used Sebastian’s Shaper Spray.  This classic product gives longlasting hold without leaving hair crunchy or dry.  I was able to get through hosting a Handsome International Men show and a post-party of schmoozing with club types and fans without a single hair falling out of place.  I was even able to style my slick back into place the next day for a hot and sticky afternoon at Toronto Pride.  Talk about slick!

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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly