Sleep on a Firm Eve Mattress to Improve Your Productivity

What is the key to a good night’s sleep? That is like asking where the Holy Grail is, or who has the elixir of life? It is a question which has no answer. Or does it? Is there a secret to a great night’s sleep or has the answer been lost to the tides of time?

Well, there is certainly no one answer. There are so many different people in the world, with so many different body shapes, characteristics, habits, histories, etc., that it can be hard to find one answer which answers multiple problems, however, when it comes to sleeping, new research is showing that a firm mattress can help people sleep better. This is not the answer for everyone, but it can certainly help a lot of people.


A firm matters

A firm mattress feels, well, firm, but what are the benefits of ditching your soft mattress or waterbed and choosing a firmer mattress instead?

A firm mattress gives you better support than a soft mattress. On a soft mattress, you sink in and are cradled by the mattress. The pressure is put on certain points of your body, instead of being spread out over your body. With a firm mattress, the pressure is spread. For anyone who suffers from joint pain, this can alleviate that through the night.

A firm mattress will also help to properly align your spine when you are sleeping. If the bones in your spine are out of formation for eight hours every night, then it is no wonder that you are waking up sore and stiff. A better position overall also means better rest. Your body is not trying to compensate, you do not toss and turn as much, and you wake to feel refreshed.

If you do not have joint or muscle pain, then you may develop it on a soft mattress. Your body sinks into a soft mattress and is not supported. The pressure on your joints and muscles develops misalignment and pain. Your body is trying to grow and heal during sleep. If it is fighting joint pain, misalignment, and improper sleeping position, then it is not going to get the rest it deserves.

It seems that a firm mattress is a way to go, but what is out there?


Eve Mattress

The Eve mattress promises a firmness which will not only help you sleep better, but will also be a barrier to any future problems with your body. An Eve review will give you more information, but with 9.5 inches of foam and a firmness of around 7 on a scale out of 10, this mattress will support your entire body during the night. The memory foam in the mattress helps to support your body and cool it as you sleep. The mattress is breathable and retains its shape. You will not sink into this mattress, meaning that you will not have to shift position as much due to pain. Less shifting means a more restful sleep.

The fitness also means that you are up less during the night, and your partner is up less too. As you shift, the entire mattress does not shift with you. Instead, the mattress will stay firm, allowing you, or someone else, to keep on sleeping. This is also great for many sleeping positions. You could be a back sleeper, side sleeper, or belly sleeper.


A great night’s sleep

A firm mattress really can bring you a better night’s sleep. There are so many people around the world who have health problems because of their mattress, and probably do not know it. If you do need a new mattress, or want to upgrade from a soft one, then a firm mattress like the Eve mattress can help. It may take a little getting used to, but it will be worth it.

Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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