Sip Happens: Masi Campofiorin 2014

Since 1964 in the gently rolling hills of Verona, Campofiorin an original wine produced with the “Appassimento” raising method has been delighting palates in Italy and the world over.

With rich full aromas and soft refined tannins, this wine stands about halfway in between a Valpolicella and an Amarone.

Being that I have always been a fan of Amarone, I wanted to test and review the Campofiorin 2014 from Masi.

To the eye, this 2014 is a deep ruby red. As you bring it to your nose you’ll smell aromas of ripe red cherries and spice. As you gently and easily sip it back, you’ll notice on your palate that the Campofiorin is extra dry, full-bodied with strong flavours of cherries, red fruit and a nice undertone of spice.



The Details:

Price: $18.45 – $21.95

Alcohol/Vol: 13.0%
Varietal: Ripasso
Sweetness Descriptor: Extra Dry
Style: Full-bodied & Smooth
Varietal: Ripasso

Pairs well with: Pumpkin soup, Eggs Florentine, Pot Roast


So if you are looking to add something deep, dark, and delicious to your collection, maybe it’s time you got a little more acquainted with Masi Campofiorin 2014.


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