Sip Happens – Star of bombay Holiday Cocktails

If you are a gin lover, then continue reading as we bring you the Star of Bombay Holiday Cocktails guide.

For those of you unfamiliar, The Star of Bombay is made with a combination of twelve botanicals including dried bergamot, orange peel and ambrette seed. It offers aromas of citrus, dried lavender, and nutmeg while boasting a myriad of flavours on the pallet.

Thus, the Star of Bombay is great as is or makes for a mean cocktail. With the help of our friends at Bombay Saphire, we come up with the 5 cocktails that will have your guests toasting you for your delightful concoctions, and don’t worry, you can take the credit, we won’t tell.



Some details on the Star of Bombay:

Alcohol/Vol: 47.5%

Made in England, United Kingdom

Price: $39.95 – save $10 for a limited time until December 31, 2017, online at LCBO.


So if you’re looking to entertain the gin lovers in your life, or you’re looking to start making some converts, start with one of these 5 amazing cocktails that are sure to delight this holiday season.

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