The Male Addict – Simons: A Modern Gentleman

Every since I was a small boy I looked up to my grandfather, always polite, always well spoken, and always well dressed.
My grandfather took pride in being a true gentleman.

It’s with those lessons that he taught me, that I have lived my life, be honest, be respectful, and always say thank you. Those lessons crossed over perfectly into fashion, and weather you are dressing up for work or a special occasion, or hanging out at the beach, being a modern gentlemen is an around the clock station.

When I think about the classic in fashion my mind always goes to suits. A well tailored, well made suit can really make a man look his best, and for all the guys out their reading this, trust me when I say, wearing a great suit makes you feel like a baller. (I promise that’s the only time I’ll say that)

A well made suit matched to your look is what the key is to the proper suit game, you shouldn’t be wearing one just because someone else was or said you should, now a days thanks to companies like Simons you can find a suit that works for you, and your style.

La Maison Simons, commonly known as Simons, is a fashion retailer in Canada, based in the province of Quebec. La Maison Simons was founded by the Simons family in 1840 in Quebec City and is known for providing a wide range of great apparel from casual looks to high end for all seasons and occasions for both men and women, but back to the fashion.


While the suit is the key, great semi-casual wardrobe is also essential. In the colder months I love to layer but in the warm I love to used pops of colour and patters paired with solids. Like in the photo below, the shirt is vibrant and fun, and very summery, while the block dark khahis balance it out well. This look also goes really well from day to night as you could through a blazer over it, change your shoes and be on the go.

Simons 2

Last we have the beach or the pool look. Ok guys, summer is warm and pools are fun, but swim trunks are not a look, they are mean for swimming. Next time what not put on a cool tee, and pair it with a great short, and when it comes to shorts they often look best just above the knee.

simons 3

So this summer as you are having what I hope will be an amazing time, keep these simple tricks in mind to keep yourself looking fresh as a true modern gentleman should.



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