Shoe Bakery: A sweet treat for your feet

If there are two things I love more than all other things in the world it is shoes, and cakes. Some women want diamonds, I want sky-high stilettos, adorable flats, and fluffy cake for every meal.  So when I heard of a company that combined my two true loves I quickly online-ran over to Shoe Bakery and ordered myself a pair. It was a tough decision but I went with the “Special Edition Valentines’s Sprinkle Flats” because the heart shaped sprinkles sent a tingle through my candy land beating heart.

Many of the shoes are limited edition, and they all sell out fast, so if you see a pair that you are head over heels about, indulge. If one historical character were alive today and able to buy online I could see Marie Antoinette being their biggest supporter.  Along with the sprinkle flats, they also have “Red Velvet Heels”, with perfect piped icing, “Vanilla Ice Cream Heels” with a cherry on top, and even “Mint Ice Cream Heels” with chocolate fudge dripping over the cool melting ice cream body of the shoe.  And if you don’t see a pair to tickle your taste buds or toes? They do custom orders. Perhaps a mile high lemon meringue is more to your taste, or an icebox strawberry treat?

Each pair of shoes are handmade in Orlando Florida with love, that look good enough to eat, but please don’t.

After strutting my stuff in my fancy flats I asked a few quick questions of Chris Campbell, the head and the heart behind Shoe Bakery.

How did it feel to have such an overwhelming response to your product?

The response it both amazing and a bit overwhelming. People love what I do but a long side that expect everything to be perfect and come out looking machine made, its a constant balance to keep quality and speed.

What is a dream cake that you have not made into a shoe as of yet? 

I would love to make a Carrot Cake design but the cake itself is a challenge because it isn’t the most appealing concept on a shoe.

Any plans to expand? Or perhaps being carried in store?

CWe are working on expanding right now, we have a new workshop that we have been working on a long side our orders so things have be hectic but exciting! We are working on a line to be carried in stores very soon so we are looking forward to that!

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Monique Boblin

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