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“We all love to read. It’s an escape to another world with adventure and heartbreak, passion and new beginnings. With millions of stories, there are endless possibilities.”

To take a journey through the eyes of someone else’s words, leave our world and enter that of another is a beautiful thing, and this fall Kobo wants to reward you for your love of the written word.

That’s why Kobo has created a rewards program: Kobo Super Points. The more ebooks you purchase, the more Kobo Super Points you earn. The more you earn, the more you can redeem toward the next great story. With the Kobo VIP program, you get 10% off an exclusive list of over 1 million titles, double the points and more.

Want even more? We thought so! Tell Kobo about your love of reading with Kobo’s Share the Love Contest. Enter weekly for a chance to win great prizes including cash, eReaders, Kobo Super Points and a Grand Prize of a once in a lifetime travel experience.

If that’s not enough (which we think is already pretty darn amazing), you can earn extra ballots by sharing your posts to Twitter and Facebook using Kobo’s handles and the hashtag #SharetheLove.

So what you are waiting for? Now is the time to share your favourite story, chat about your most amazing escape, the book that made you weep, or the pages that changed your life.

Get all the details and join in “Sharing the Love” at



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