SHAED Shine Bright at Toronto’s Velvet Underground

With a Billboard Top 20 hit under their belts, electro-pop trio SHAED has tasted fame for the very first time.

It’s a good look, too. Playing to fans at Toronto’s Velvet Underground, the energetic camaraderie of vocalist Chelsea Lee and multi-instrumentalist twins Max and Spencer Ernst never wavered under the bright neon lights.

Striking gold with their pulsating pop single “Trampoline”, the band went on to deliver a helpful share of their earlier songbook, which was both infectious and rather surprising in terms of quality.

On cuts like “Perfume” and “Too Much” Lee’s voice – both tender and powerful – was perfectly matched by the keyboards, synths, and guitar dynamics of the talented Ernst boys.

In support of their latest EP Melt, the majority of its brisk 19-minute runtime was played, and expanded, to full effect. In particular, the song “You Got Me Like” was soulful in both sound and spirit.

Said to have been written about “best friends”, Lee honoured its message by asking fans to hug any pals they had brought along. A sweet gesture to be sure.

However, the night’s set wasn’t over. There still remained one song attendees had paid to hear live. Released in June 2018, the jazzy-electro jam of “Trampoline” first found success in a MacBook Air commercial, followed a year later to greater viral heights on a remix with Zayn Malik (formerly of One Direction).

During its performance, and underneath the audience’s excitement, Lee’s passion was visibly more apparent than the night’s preceding numbers. Wonderfully relying on languid vocals and a throbbing groove by the tight-knit trio, the verdict on SHAED crystallized then and there. With a continued path of bright and bold material, they are sure to grow.

Myles Herod

Myles Herod

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Myles Herod