Setting Financial Goals To Live Your Dream Life

There are so many people who want to be wealthy for the sake of having money, which means that many people will never reach that. Setting goals is an essential process in success. Unfortunately, it is the opinion of millions that money = success. But you should remember that ultimately money does not = happiness.

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So when you are setting the financial goals for your life, something that you need to keep a close eye on is why you are setting those goals. Doing something that will make you happy long term, give you something in your life you don’t currently have, or the opportunity to do more – are all great reasons.

Let’s dig in.



It is really important that you start with you here. Think about how you want to live, the people you want to spend time with, the country you want to live in and what you want to do.

All of the answers to the why will give you the motivation to start making the changes needed to make smarter use of your money.

If you are pressed for answers and come up short, then write down three things that you want in your life. Assess your life slowly and carefully.



Once you have thought about all of the reasons you need the money and the difference it will make in the specific areas of your life, you should then move on to how. You can begin to arrange a timeline with the goals you have set. There might be periods in your life that would need to have more disposable cash, and others that will need more in general. Retirement, having children, starting a business or changing careers.

Factor those into your timeline. You can then plot along the way where you can save, how much you want to save – and the key part – what you want to spend it on. The goals are the motivation, and the experiences you can get from living your dream life.



Yep! It is time to get SMART with your goals now.  SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant and Time.

So break that down to fit with what you are trying to achieve. 


  • Specific – Detail the goals, write whole pages about them. Flesh them out. 
  • Measurable – How can you track what is going on if you aren’t actually paying attention? If you have set the goal to research a range of finance options, like finance site that lists smslån, great saving plans, and investment options – those are measurable. You then need to write a number for each goal. I need to make 50k per year to afford to save 15k a year to pay for a world trip in 2022. 
  • Achievable – setting goals that are just a bit out of reach and not reach possible (although perhaps nothing is impossible) is going to deflate your positive outlook. So make sure you are working with numbers you can manage. 
  • Relevant – make them meaningful and matter to you
  • Time – You have spent the time working on a timeline, so you have everything in its place and ready to go!


And that is it! Spend some time working on real, achievable goals and shoot your shot!


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