Senseless delivers on its promise to ignite our senses

Walking into Senseless, it was hard to know what to expect. The Evergreen Brickworks absolutely blew expectations out of the water, providing the perfect industrial setting for the festival. A harmonious mix of indoors and outdoors, the sound penetrated the venue magically and it was often hard not to stop in awe to take in all of the sights and sounds of the evening.

The event was extremely well run, with a more mature crowd fitting perfectly into the ambiance of the night. Perhaps it was the venue and the art, or the lesser known DJs on the lineup that made the event such a secret success. Either way, it was a welcomed change from the classic Toronto electronic music scene of busy clubs and neon music festivals.

13690927_1629686367360018_6955126745031808497_oArt pieces were carefully placed around the venue, with each element adding its own unique touch to the event. Tasty food vendors were on site to fill every craving, and the scents all around the venue made the experience even more special. You could immerse yourself with the wearable sound system, Subpac, which allowed you to strap on a headset to feel the music on your back. Everyone was going crazy over the technology and the fact that it allowed you to literally feel the music on your body.

The music was the highlight of the event, which was to be expected. Rodriquez Jr. started the night with a cheerful set, grinning ear to ear as he dropped some fan favorites. Frank and Tony hit the dancefloor with groovy bass lines and seriously contagious house beats. Dancing around the decks, Frivolous was a treat to watch as he graced our ears with hints of jazz and one of the most curiously amazing sets of the evening. German duo Tube & Berger delighted us with some deep house and sweet vocal tracks. Finally, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs took over to the surprise everyone with some acid techno, complementing the ambiance of the dark sky and industrial setting.

The night was one to remember this summer, and we can’t wait to be able to go back again next year. Hopefully, Senseless can continue to remain our own magical little secret.




Written with help from Tasha Ivanchenko.

Photos taken by Ded Agency, Tim Sandik & Alec Donnell Luna.

Samie Durnford

Samie Durnford

Contributor at Addicted
Samie Durnford is a Toronto based writer with a heart that beats at 138BPM. An electronic music lover, you can find her listening to anything from trance to techno. Samie has been a reality TV columnist for the Toronto Sun and has interviewed DJs for THUMP Canada. She's taken electronic music on as a lifestyle, travelling to EDM festivals across North America whenever she can.
Samie Durnford

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  1. Great article… Just wanted to clarify that the HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset was provided by eWeb360 Virtual Reality Equipment Rentals, not Subpac. The Subpac was an addition to the VR Booth which is not pictured. Please adjust copy so credit is due where it is rightfully due. Thank you.