Security Before Gaming – 3 Easy Ways To Avoid Online Scams

Whether we admit it or not, playing online is not always safe. True, online gaming is more secure nowadays than it used to be back in the 1990s. That is largely because most casinos have embraced ingenious ways to protect both themselves and their players.


Nevertheless, fraudulent online gambling sites still exist today, and their number is larger than ever before. On top of that, fraudulent sites look largely the same as honest gambling websites, and to the inexperienced it might be impossible to distinguish a scamming site from an honest one. Another thing which makes it difficult for players to spot scams is that sometimes an honest casino just runs out of capital and tries to disappear with as much funds as it can collect.


It should also be noted that inexperienced players are not the only ones at risk – online casino scams can happen even to veteran gamblers. So, in order to have a satisfying online gambling experience, online gambling enthusiasts must learn how to spot online scams. And hopefully, by following the tips our experts have provided, players will learn not only how to spot online scams, but how to avoid them, too.



  • Signs to look out for


Prior to learning how to avoid scams, players should first learn what signs to look out for. In the lines below, our experts have described several issues, which might indicate a casino scam.


One problem, which might indicate a casino scam, is having to wait a prolonged period of time for the operator to pay out those who try to make a withdrawal. Of course, those who gamble at an unknown casino have no way of knowing how long it would take the operator to pay out. That is why gamers are advised to read fellow players’ reviews to find out what experiences others have had when trying to withdraw funds from a given casino.


Another issue which often indicates a casino scam is having one’s account closed for no apparent reason. It is common for fraudulent sites to close players’ accounts when they have to pay out huge sums of money. Again, to avoid such an issue, players are advised to read other gamblers’ reviews.


Last, but not least, whenever players encounter a gambling site with a questionable T&C page, they should refrain from creating an account there. When a site reveals nothing helpful about their T&C, this might be an indication that it tries to hide information as a way to avoid responsibility.



  • Tips to Avoid Online Casino Scams


Now that players can familiarise themselves with some of the issues, which might indicate casino scams, can proceed to detailing some simple tips to help them avoid such scams.



  • Tip #1: Pay attention to the casino software


Players might be unaware, but there are just a few software companies that develop casino software. On the one hand, these are all renown companies, whose business is entirely dedicated to developing high quality casino software that is fair and secure. On the other hand, these companies are willing to provide software to anyone who has the money to purchase it, even potential scammers.


So, how can you distinguish a safe casino software from an unsafe one? Well, there are usually slight differences between safe an unsafe software, and you will learn how to spot them over time. Until you gain enough experience, read as much reviews as you can. Last, but not least, we recommend playing at a live dealer casino over a casino with traditional RNG games.



  • Tip #2: Choose only licensed operators


Essentially, casino licenses ensure that a given casino is safe and fair. They are necessary whenever an operator wants to offer services in a given territory, and are issued by strict regulatory bodies within this territory. Of course, regulatory bodies’ standards vary from country to country.


Essentially, this means that joining sites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority offers more benefits to players, as these regulators are renown for their incredibly high standards. Simply said, these authorities will not issue a license to a fraudulent casino.



  • Tip #3: Always read the casino’s T&C


As we explained above, a casino’s T&C page can yield a lot of information regarding its legitimacy and fairness, and that is why it is only sensible to familiarise yourself with it. Keep in mind that if you can not find the operator’s T&C or if those are presented in a questionable manner, you should best avoid the casino.


Just like every other T&C players have encountered, expect casinos’ T&C to be filled with legal terminology, which is difficult to understand. Nevertheless, make the effort and read it – it will only be of your help.



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