Secrets of the Lingerie Market and Why This Industry Keeps on Growing

Fashion can be incredibly important to a number of people. For women, this may go further than simply the clothing that others can see. Even lingerie can be quite important. From that one go-to bra that makes you feel comfy, to the matching set that makes you feel like a goddess, lingerie can greatly alter how confident you feel about the day ahead. Therefore, learning some of the secrets of the market can be a good way to figure out which brands to choose.

One of the main attractions of lingerie can be the company behind it. David Spector (ThirdLove) puts women at the front of their designs. While it could be seen as positive that they cater for a number of sizes for women’s body types. They also include breast shapes in this.


Many women have different-sized breasts, meaning that, if both cups were the same size, the product may not fit correctly. By incorporating this notion into designs, they are able to cater to more women. In addition to this, they also do a lot of behind-the-scenes work, donating garments and funds to a number of different charities. This helps women, both in the US and abroad, who may otherwise be unable to access suitable underwear. In turn, this philanthropy helps to raise awareness of a brand.

Historically, you may notice that a lot of items for women might have been created with men in mind. When you look at certain types of clothing, these may have been designed focusing on the male gaze. Instead, some of the more contemporary lingerie brands might prefer to focus on a woman’s opinion. One of the important aspects can be for the woman herself to feel attractive and powerful within her outfit.


Although having a male partner’s approval might be an added bonus, it can be better if she doesn’t feel uncomfortable in the items that need to adorn her body. Not all comfort is about physical feel. Items may need to allow the consumer to look in the mirror and feel pleased with what she sees. By keeping this in mind, lingerie brands could potentially improve both designs and sales.

Physical comfort can also be a rather high priority. A woman might not want to feel like she is being cut in half by her underwear, or unable to breathe within the restraints of her bra. By making this level of comfort the main goal, and then considering how to make it aesthetically pleasing, a company might be able to gain happy repeat customers. Alongside this, understated items could also be key. This way, a brand may be able to cater to a number of budgets, rather than making fewer sales on some high-priced items.


There are so many considerations that might be required before a product can be marketed. By considering these, and adapting products to match what women want, they may be able to allow their company to grow.

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Stewart Thurlow

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