Scuderia Ferrari F1 experience with Shell

Ferrari and Shell are to the automotive world what peanut butter and jelly are in the food world, inseparable!  Once again they have teamed up to give you a never before seen experience. You can now take an in depth tour of the famous Scuderia Ferrari F1 garage and paddock. Each section provides its own subsection full of details behind the eyes of the mechanics, drivers and the rest of the Ferrari team. The interactive tour takes you to the heart of the action and shows the relationship between Shell and Ferrari.  There’s something for everybody in this tour of Ferrari’s F1 garage. Whether you are slightly interested in this amazing motorsport or a total gearhead, you’ll find out how many shifts a driver makes during a race or how many parts make up that wonderful  marvel of engineering Formula F1 car. The only thing left for you to do is click the link and check out the experience for yourself. We suggest you check it out on your mobile device or a tablet for the full experience, it truly makes a difference. You can move your device around and tour the site from floor to ceiling and it gives you a 360-degree view. Go on, see what few eyes have seen before and be amazed. 


From the Cockpit:

The asset provides detailed information on aspects of the garage as well as the Shell Technical Partnership with Ferrari, that’ll whet the appetite of every F1 fan. Breakaway sections allow fans to explore elements such as the aerodynamics of the car; background stories from the superstar drivers; the cockpit; the Shell track lab; the countdown before a race; and what goes in to the perfect blend of Shell V-Power race fuel and Shell Helix Ultra motor oil. Both products are crucial to Scuderia Ferrari each season to maximise performance from the power unit.

The Scuderia Ferrari Uncovered experience has launched to coincide with the exciting announcement that Shell has become Innovation Partner of Scuderia Ferrari, as part of a new agreement that will see the pair work closer together than ever.

The Garage:

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