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BMW.  To many, that brand is an emblem of aspirational luxury.  To me, the BMW brand is a sign of achievement, and something I decided I needed to strive for from a very early age.

When I was around nine years old, growing up in Scarborough, Ontario, my dad drove home one day in a brand new BMW 325i.  I didn’t know what a BMW was, or what made one car better than another, but from the moment I slide into that leather backseat and smelled the best new car smell I could imagine, I knew that this wasn’t just any car.  And when my dad would drive me around in that car, proud and beaming, I could tell the car was more to him than just four wheels to get around.  His BMW was the prize at the end of a hard-fought road, and a physical manifestation of the success he had worked so hard to achieve.

Image taken from an old home movie still, circa 1989

For my dad, an Egyptian immigrant who came to Canada for the chance at a better life, who started a family, and broke down barriers and spearheaded innovations in the telecommunications industry, this BMW was a symbol of all he had achieved, and the hard work it took to achieve it.  It would also serve as a reminder to never stop working – it was the late eighties and I rarely saw my dad because of how much he worked to support my family.  Seeing the iconic circular headlights of that BMW illuminating our living room window in the evenings were always the telltale sign that my hardworking dad was home for the night.

From the moment I learned to drive, I made a promise to myself that the first car I would buy with my own money would be a BMW.  Many years later, I fulfilled that promise to myself, by buying a used BMW X5 SUV when I got my first “big girl” job.  I thought that I could only afford to buy a used BMW, and in my focus on getting a good price for the car I desperately wanted, I admittedly slipped on doing the research required into getting a good car for that good price.

That’s right, I bought a lemon.

You see, when you buy a used car and you think you’re saving money, chances are you’ll end up spending more than you anticipated on keeping that car running.  And what costs you, even more, is the strain and lost time that dealing with car problems can cause.  That experience is why I wish I had gone straight to BMW and purchased a car through their Certified Pre-Owned Program (CPO).


Why buy Certified Pre-Owned?

Like with any big purchase, when you’re buying a second-hand vehicle, you’re looking to achieve a balance of great value and affordability while making a sound and informed decision.  Buying a pre-owned vehicle directly from the brand, like with the Certified Pre-Owned Program at BMW, you’re going to find a balance is quite easily achieved, as it’s the dealer and not the buyer, that does all the heavy lifting.  And the buyer drives off in a fantastic car.  So since I’m still shopping around for a new car, and I do have a deep love of BMW, I did some research on what it means to buy pre-owned from my dream car brand.

Attainable Luxury

Like my engineer dad, or anyone at all familiar with the automotive industry will tell you, depreciation is a huge factor when you’re buying a brand new car; that’s what people are referring to when they say a car loses value the moment it’s driven off the dealer’s lot.  As a result, buying a pre-owned vehicle is simply more cost effective than buying new.  When it comes to the BMW Certified Pre-owned program, you can get a great quality, Certified BMW for a more affordable price, whether you plan on leasing or are looking to finance your purchase.  When you buy pre-owned instead of new the savings can be significant.  Take this beautiful BMW 335i, complete with the M Performance Package, and stunning coral red interior.

This car would have retailed new for $63,295 in 2015.  But under the Certified Pre-Owned Program, the price drops by nearly half to $35,293.  Yes, the car has some mileage on it (74,828 kms to be exact) but it has several years and far more kilometres to go, and it drives like a dream.  And because BMW is so stringent about the condition of its Certified Pre-owned cars, this 3 series looked, felt and drove like it was brand new.  And that’s all because of the inspection and reconditioning process. Check out available vehicles here.


Certified BMW Quality

The history of the vehicle, how its previous owner maintained it, if it had any issues or major repairs; these things and more will impact the quality of the vehicle, as well as its longevity, as it enters its second life.  There’s a reason why it’s called the Certified Pre-Owned program; the car must undergo a rigorous 94 point Inspection and 360-degree Reconditioning process by trained and specialized BMW experts to receive that certification.  These experts will have examined every inch of the vehicle, poured over its history, and have deemed it worthy of the CPO program.  Any repairs or replacements are of course made with genuine BMW parts by BMW trained expert staff.  Combined with the pride and integrity that comes with a brand like BMW, any new owner can feel safe and secure knowing that a CPO vehicle and its history are vetted by BMW, resulting in a great product experience.

Backed by BMW warranty

That’s right, a Certified Pre-Owned BMW comes with a warranty; definitely not something that comes with your average used car purchase.  Any car purchased through the CPO program is covered for up to 4 years beyond the new car factory warranty. with unlimited kilometres  There’s no need to worry about unexpected or big repairs; there’s no deductible, and parts and labor are included on any covered repairs (there are exclusions, of course, click here to learn more).


Safety and Peace of Mind

Safety is top of mind when it comes to buying a pre-owned vehicle, so BMW goes the extra mile with their CPO program by providing 24/7 Roadside Assistance, and towing up to 80kms to the nearest BMW dealership.  And if for some reason a buyer is on the fence about their car purchase BMW CPO even has a Hassle-Free Exchange Privilege, meaning you can exchange your car within 3 days or 300kms if you’re not absolutely thrilled with it.



It’s more sustainable than buying a new car

These days sustainability is a trending topic, especially in the automotive industry, and many of us are thinking of ways to help the environment while going about our lives. Think of buying a pre-owned BMW like buying a gorgeous luxury handbag from a high-end consignment store.  You’re getting something you love at a lower price than if you were buying it new, it’s been looked over by an expert and deemed to be in saleable condition, it’s been refurbished for its new owner, and a new one didn’t have to get made just so you can have one of your own.

If you, like me, are in the market for a new car, consider changing your definition of new, and look into a pre-owned vehicle.  If you’re also like me and BMW is your ultimate #goals car, or you’re looking to get behind the wheel of a luxury car for less, consider the Certified Pre-Owned program.  There’s a sale on 3-Series vehicles right now, a car that’s kind of the perfect combination of practical, sporty and luxurious. They’re offering a complimentary CPO Powertrain warranty,  which is even better than the warranty you already get with a CPO vehicle.  So if you feel like looking this good while driving to work every morning, head over to your nearest BMW dealership for a test drive, and tell them ADDICTED sent you.

*photos by Aron Harris unless otherwise noted

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