Savages come to Toronto

*words and photos by our guest writer and photographer Matt Forsythe 

It was an uphill battle for Jehnny Beth and the rest of Savages at the Danforth Music Hall: thawing the Monday night, 19+ Toronto crowd that had just been told their dreams of spring would have to wait (courtesy of a significant late season snow fall) was not an easy task.
The Savages live experience is a calculated attack. The visuals are carefully curated – bright white lights against a black void – matching the stark power of their songs. Even though an under current of love runs through their latest (Adore, which they played all of), nothing has softened in their loud, in-your-face delivery, and they were in fine form. Maybe it was this intensity that caused Beth’s repeated urges for the crowd to come closer to go unheeded, because she never got the response she wanted for the crowd walks she’s been known to do on this tour.
Current single and crowd favourite, “Adore” really comes to life with the volume cranked to eleven. It’s tough to follow an anticipated anthem like that, but the thundering finale of the non-album “Fuckers” managed just fine. Before the first adequate applause of the night, Jehnny Beth delivered the band’s ultimatum: “We will come back if you come back.” Time to warm up, TO. (Don’t miss them at WayHome this summer)
Opener Angus Tarnawsky:
*all photos by Matt Forsythe
Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly